Saturday 16 September 2023

Weekend Watching


My mantra for the weekend.  😊

And here for your delight and entertainment are a few of the YouTube videos that I have really enjoyed this week.

Firstly a lovely vegan couple that I've watched for quite a while now,  doing another of their budget vegan food shops.  They are so close to the magic 1000 subscribers at last, so if you enjoy the video please think about subscribing to the channel, it costs you nothing but does really help them

I watched Farmhouse on Boone this morning, such a relaxing way to start the day this video and a cup of coffee ... and such a beautiful house with it's lovely muted colours.

A little video from Carolyn, who is great for giving me ideas to help with rationing.

I think I'll give these ago the next time I run out of bread.

And finally from Grackle ...

A bit of a nosey into two hotels in London, the newest and the oldest ... and wow, what a difference in price.  I do love a look around a hotel room and what better way to do it without having to spend on an overnight stay away from home.  

I hope you enjoy these, just something to sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee over.

Sue xx


  1. I wish I could watch you tube people without thinking " for goodness sake stop talking and just get on with it!" which is when I turn off!

    1. I just fast forward through any waffle if I find the rest of the video interesting. I really don't like the YouTubers that just sit and talk to the camera anymore.

  2. I think I'll watch all of them with my afternoon cup of coffee :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Thank you for the links. I'll be checking them out. :)

  4. Thanks from me too - they look interesting. xx

  5. The £109 a night room was much nicer than the £800 one.
    Just shows how people will pay extra for a name.
    I'd expect a better fruit bowl than those satsumas!

  6. I will need to check those Youtube channels out. Thanks for the recommendation.

    God bless.


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