Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Sort of Cosy Cat

I've made up the fire for tonight.  

Although Ginger seems to think that is already cosy enough in front of it just as it is ... or maybe he's just claiming his space ready for later.

Last nights fire … Suky was sat with me on the sofa.  She had been next to Ginger, hence the Pug sized shape available on the dog bed … but I think she got too hot.  The room was actually quite dark although the photo has come out nice and bright instead of the atmospheric shots I normally get at night.

In other news ... Mavis has learnt to focus on YouTube clips on my phone!!

  Here she is watching Madelaine Olivia announcing her engagement, it's not the ring Mavis is interested in, she heard Roxie the dog making some noises and came over for a look.  Although both dogs and Ginger watch television and see what is happening, none of them have been able to focus on the phone before, so Mavis' talents are clearly growing 🙂

Sue xx


  1. Such a lovely, cosy, homey photo. It gave me a warm feeling - thanks.

  2. Fires are so captivating, I can stare at the flames for hours.

  3. That is so cute!!!! She is paying attention to that screen. Looking for the elusive dog!!!!!

    Yes, that is a very cozy and warm looking photo. Especially now, as we are at noon, of a very, very cold day! But it's fine, it's seasonal. -smile-


  4. Oh how I love to see a furry friend in front of a warm fire! Perfect, homey picture!

  5. What lovely, cozy photos.

    God bless.

  6. Aw bless, love the photo of Ginger and Mavis in front of the fire.

    Daisy used to watch television - I’d see her head moving from side to side as she followed animals moving on the screen.


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