Thursday 13 August 2020

So What's My Style ... and House News

I've been asked a few times about my style and what sort of things I prefer around me.  I seem to veer from wanting my 'things' around me and wanting clean lines and empty, but not sparse space ... does that even make any sense!!  

I like rustic, I like green, I like simplicity and nature, and I think left entirely to my own devices I am a good mix of the clean lines and 'things'.

My style shows most, and is pictorially illustrated in the things I own that will be coming with me to my next home.  In the top photo it's the row of simple hooks, just a scrap of wood from Alan's mancave and three hooks we bought on a weekend away on Anglesey, it's my Nana's old mirror and it's the little blanket box that I have just renovated.

The bed will be coming, I prefer double to king-sized any day ... but it will probably be painted.  I have owned this since I bought my first house after divorcing from my first husband and it's moved with me five times up to now.  

The green chair, and it's almost matching counterparts downstairs, which were my Nana's wedding present off her Mum will of course come, as will the bench on the left of the photo that was used a shop display area in my little Lavender shop in Ulverston.

Talking of ex-shop displays, the bookcase will of course be coming and all the books on it ... my most favourite books of all.

Also downstairs there is the Welsh Bread and Cheese Cupboard ... which will  most likely come with me.  I am not so attached to it that if the future buyers of our house wanted it I couldn't bear to part with it.  It does look good in the garden room with the almost matching table, shelves and mirror sconce, so if they like the look they can have it.

I guess my car boot sale finds of Sunday morning shout out my style.  I love paisley and ethnic colours and prints, and I'm not averse to mixing them with an almost Orla Kiely style cushion.  The white and wood of the picture frame as well as being a great match for the Van is simple and soothing to the eyes.

The little oak table sums my style up to a T.

Simple lines, old and well loved with a story to tell, well made and useful in a myriad of places.

I have never really deviated from my style, and the things that I've picked up over the years that work well get kept and I look after what I own so things tend to last and last and last.  I don't rebuy to suit a space, I will repaint something to help it fit in or use something slightly differently but my stuff is what makes my home.  This photo sums up that so perfectly, it's taken from a very old blog post on Our New Life in the Country.  We had moved from a 18th century renovated farmhouse to this 1930's bungalow on its last legs, and our things came with us ... some were adapted and some simply left as they were.

Looking at this photo we still own everything except the sofa and the chubby jug on the top of the bookshelves  The mirror was repainted, possibly it's fourth coat of paint and is on the landing back in Wales, the little chair is currently in the shed but will come with me, the wire heart basket is here at the Van on  the trellis in my little garden and is filled with little terracotta plant pots.  Even the waste bin is still in use and is back in the office at Isfryn, usually full of sensitive documents waiting to be burnt.

The heavy lined curtains had been bought for the farmhouse to keep out draughts from the old front door, they were tacked up to a new length for this window after we moved.  They are currently packed away ready to come with me to my next place, having been taken down so that in Wales once again all the curtains upstairs are matching and can be sold along with the house, but for the past few years they have been in the spare bedroom there.

So what's my style, it's fluid within boundaries, it's simplicity and history ... and it's slow.  No fast fashion in clothes or furniture or stuff.  To quote a famous Mr Morris:- 

 'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful'.

That is my style.

Sue xx

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House News

The house is still on the market and now we have a For Sale board stood proudly by the front drive announcing this to the world.  The viewers from last week, a lovely couple from Hertford (but originally from Llandudno), although loving everything about the house, what we have done to it and it's potential, just wanted more land.

It seems sadly that we are too big for some and too small for others.

There is someone out there, and we just have to bide our time.  Although Alan was totally gutted at first as he was convinced they wanted it, he is getting over the disappointment and we are going to continue to look after things until the right people come along.

We are also now advertised on Greenshifters, which is the online smallholding sales site that we bought the house off seven years ago.

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  1. Oh, how disappointing that the viewers didn't want to buy in the end. There's someone out there who will absolutely love it as much as you. It's just a matter of time.
    Your home style is lovely, Sue, relaxing, comfortable and friendly. Smashing :)

  2. This made me wonder what my style was. I looked round the living room and decided I've not got one!

    A board up outside the house should help. Took from early Summer to Autumn to sell Fareacre and then the buyers mucked us around until March.So 9 months all together

  3. Such a stressful time selling one's home - do hope it soon get settled.

  4. Dealing with the disappointment can be hard, especially when potential buyers have given the impression they want it. But it will sell and fingers crossed soon.

  5. It took me 2 years and an awful lot of viewers to sell my big old house in the country with land. The right people will come along but it takes time xxx

  6. we are teetering on relocating/selling as you know, it must be hard to have people in your house liking/disliking it as no doubt we will find out soon. we aren't on the market yet but I am not looking forward to that stage of proceedings. You have some very pretty nicknacks that make a home feel homely wherever they are placed. I like the William Morris quote, it's my mantra.

  7. I'm sorry this sale did not happen. There is someone out there looking for exactly what you've got in your house and property and given a little time they will be led to it! I love that you still have your Nana's old mirror. I have items that belonged to my Grandmother and they mean so much to me.

  8. So sorry that the house is not sold as of yet. Like you say the right people are out there, it just may take a bit more time.

    God bless.

  9. Lovely to take a peak around your home Sue, many treasured pieces. My sister put my Gran's mirror in her suitcase on a visit to Oz on year which is really heavy, I was surprised it was still in one piece:) Someone will view your home and fall in love with it♥


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