Monday 3 August 2020

Winning a Cottage in Wales

Do you remember back in May when I shared the picture above, and the instructions on how you could enter the draw to win yourself this lovely cottage in North Wales.  Well the draw is taking place in a few short weeks and already enough tickets have been sold so that in the event of the cottage not being able to be offered there will be a brilliant cash prize instead of (at the last count) nearly £200,000.

It appeared on the national news on television last week and I jumped out of my chair when I saw it, a bit of national press coverage will do wonders for ticket sales hopefully.

If you want to read my blog post again it is HERE.

And if you would like to buy yourself a ticket either do it from the link on the old post page or alternatively you can use THIS link.

Good Luck if you do decide to have a go, or another go  😀

Maybe we should raffle our smallholding off .....

Sue xx


  1. Sue in the unlikely event that I should win - there is no way now I would or could move from my bun galow, which oluckily I love.

  2. I never win anything so I don't bother even trying anymore... but the idea of winning is glorious. :) Love, Andrea xoxo

  3. Now there is a thought. Raffle your smallholding off, I mean. I have done this once here in the U.S.
    The day of the drawing I was waiting for our phone to ring...and it did.......just wasn't the contest though.
    But, man, I thought it was.

  4. I’d like to win a cottage in Wales! Never won anything though!!

  5. That would be a most wonderful prize. I would be too far away from the DS's though to ever feel really at home.

    Good luck to those that entered.

    God bless.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous♥ Good luck Sue and to all those who have entered:)

  7. I will have a punt on raffle it's a great idea. I'm pleased they've done well out of it. A local business man tried it with his B&B but the bank ended up stepping in when he failed to sell enough tickets after 6months. Fingers crossed for a small holding buyer soon.


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