Friday 25 September 2020

Getting Back to Normal After a Challenge ... with a Vengeance

This week at the Van as been all about getting back into my stride, back to 'normal' after a week on really restrictive but satisfying eating.  It seems I go straight back to the basics when I'm let loose, I started with a couple of breakfasts of just toast and spread.  These are my favourites, I buy the little Seeded Warburtons loaves or their Aldi equivalent when I'm here at the Van as the toaster is just so little, large slices just don't fit in ... note to self: check the size of the next toaster you buy ... you watch, this diddy little thing will last for years now just to annoy me 🤣🤣

Either of these two spreads suit me just fine, I just buy whichever one is on offer at the time I need some.  I like it just as it is or topped with some homemade marmalade for breakfast.

The little toaster in question with my lunch for today, a simple meal of beans on toast.   I'm just using the last of a little Quinoa loaf that I got from Booths here.  It was very tasty, especially topped with half a tin of beans ... and also fits neatly into the toaster.

Here's the 'with a Vengeance' bit of today's post title.

I went to Aldi for a good mooch about the shops, I don't go out to the shops much now, but when I do I am preferring Aldi for most things and they have the very safe 'traffic lights' system in place so it's easy to know whether the store is busy inside.  Gosh this week they had so many vegan goodies that I have never tried ... including lots of sweets and I think that after a whole week of nothing sweet at all I may have gone a bit mad!!

When I'm fancying a sweet I usually buy these Candy Kittens from Booths, but at £1 a bag and as you can see that's just 54g, they are a bit pricy.  The new Aldi version are 89p for a whopping 120g ... that's much more like it.

I transferred as many of the sweets as would fit into an empty jar ... it's much safer that way, if I open a small bag I tend to chomp my way through them all just so I can throw the wrapper away, in a jar one or two sweets should suffice ... should  😄

And while I was transferring things,., I put my new little net of garlic bulbs into the little garlic box I bought last weekend.  They look satisfying good in there.

Sue xx


  1. That's an awful lot of sweets to store in a van!

  2. I love that your new garlic container is being put to good use! A new life for it.

    1. I just love useful, beautiful things. It's the William Morris in me ;-)

  3. We had a little toaster like that in the tourer and I frequently had to cut the bread in half to fit it in 😂
    The garlic box has oiled up beautifully, I love it.

  4. Our touring van toaster was that size too, about as much use as a chocolate teapot seeing as husband would never have small loaves. Lots of sweets 😉

  5. Sweets are one thing I've had very little of during lockdown. I love Pure, but it seems to be discontinued where I shop.

  6. I too have Warburtons Seeded - by far my favourite bread. Love your little garlic box - I am lazy and use Lazy Garlic - if I buy bulbs they always go wizened before they get eaten.

  7. Enjoy your sweets! I like just a taste of something sweet after a meal. The garlic box looks happy filled with garlic!

  8. That is a small toaster!! Enjoy your sweets, after this last challenge you deserve a pat on the back.

    God bless.

  9. I adore that garlic box, Sue! It's darling! I'm glad you will be able to indulge on your sweet treats now. It looks like your load should last you a little bit. :-) Good for you!! ~Andrea xoxo


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