Friday 11 September 2020

My Weirdness is My Magic



  1. LOVE THIS!!! My weirdness is my magic too. I wish we were neighbors! :-) ~Andrea xoxo

  2. Love this. When I was in grade 6 a good (well someone I considered a good) friend decided that I wasn't what she wanted as a friend. I spent a few months being picked on by her.... It was then I decided that I was me and if she didn't care to have me as a friend that was her problem. I moved on made more friends that loved my wacky outlook on life.

    God bless.

  3. Comparisons can be so damaging.

  4. We are all individuals but with similarities, I feel we don't have to "be" anything or a certain type, and I find it frustrating when people use the word normal, who is to say what the default normal is. This hit home to me when my son was diagnosed with aspergers later in life, at the time I hadn't heard of it but looking back on his childhood especially it all made sense but the diagnosis made him think he was not " normal " but he is and always will and be just him, a man that thinks, acts, speaks,responds and lives in his own way which is actually what we all do. I do believe that we have the right to be who we are and live our lives the way we want to as long as it doesn't harm anyone else or our environment and if some people don't agree with what we choose to do, tough, they don't have to be involved with us, they can do their own thing and leave us alone, no harm done.I have three adult son's, two have health problems, one doesn't but if somebody wants to use the word "normal ", they are all normal as they are all who they are, none more special than the other, all loved,one likes to be on his own, thats ok, one craves company, thats ok too and the other one sails through life steadily often with a cynical view, practical and does what has to be done with a wicked sense of humour ( armed forces ), also ok. And me, well I am just me.Enough rambling, good luck with your challenge tomorrow, Chrissie x

  5. Definitely this. Lily has a t-shirt which reads 'Be Weird'. We excel at it :)

  6. So pleased to know I'm not the only weird one:)


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