Thursday 1 August 2019

Regrets ...

As the song goes 'Regrets, I've had a few.  But then again too few to mention ...'

One of my regrets after starting to read through this diary, which was with all the other diaries in the drawer that I have now emptied, is deleting my 'A Year Without ...' blog.  I should have kept my old Challenge blogs for posterity.

This one, for some reason I thought so much of that I printed out almost every post after writing them ... and stuck them onto the pages of a spare desk diary.  

A huge investment in ink and paper, but one that I could put through my company as a 'business expense'.  Owning a company comes in handy sometimes  :-)

It makes for fascinating reading.

And I might even be tempted to keep it.

Although having it all saved as a Blog would have taken up a lot less space!!

And speaking of saving space, all my old important information has now been moved from my large desk diary into my lovely new Filofax.  It's so much smaller, lighter and easier to carry from house to Van when I'm on the move.  The address pages from my last business-sized Filofax that had been folded and living in my new but never used address book have also been copied into the new version.  

It only took me about five years to do it.  Talk about procrastination  😄

The last thing to copy into my little blue book is the information from my 'banking book'.  Although I do virtually all my banking online, both personal and business I do like to have a paper record of movements in and out of my account ... of which there surprisingly few these days now the mortgage is paid off and the mortgage insurance has been cancelled ... so I use a small A5 notebook to keep tabs on things.   As you can see from the cover I've had this little book in use for quite a few years, at the end of each year if the accounts are all balalancd I rip out the pages and start again, so although over time it has gotten lighter it will never reduce in its actual size. Now this too will be recorded in my little blue book.

Lots of lovely simplification.

Sue xx


  1. I've kept a book listing bank account ins/outs for over 40 years (well, several books). Salary, now pension, in on one side, standing orders, cheques written, debit card payments etc. out on the other. I still have all the books, and it's fascinating looking at costs over the years, and how I've spent my money. I fully intend to keep them!

    1. Your method of listing is a great idea. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I'd keep that one. It is a bit of personal history for you.

  3. I am all for simplification - it is just getting round to doing it that is hard.

  4. Simplifying Life is something I'm on the Path to myself... you're so incredibly Organized, I've got rather Organized Chaos going on so I'm quite a Work in Progress.

  5. I know you're having a clear out of unnecessary things, but I'd keep your diary with your blog print outs.

  6. Like another poster says, I would keep that diary since the blog is no longer up.

    I really am trying to simplify things here and am thinking on a new way to keep all my monthly bills under control. I keep them for a year or so (unless the bill has a big purchase). Boy do they take up room though.

    God bless.

  7. I love my Filofax which I use all the time. I had it in 1999 and used it for work at first.


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