Saturday, 3 August 2019

The Less I Have, the Less I Need

It seems the less I have, the less I need ... a strange statement after yesterday's over-shopping in the food department post.  But just looking at that shopping, at the fridge and cupboard filled almost to capacity with things I could have quite easily lived without has brought me to my senses.

True simplicity is the way forward for me.

No more spending this month, unless it's on a coffee to enjoy in the sun ... sat at mine and Suky's favourte 'coffee and cake' place.

Simple tasks, done in simple ways.

Using products that I can refill when they do eventually run out... although I use so little it will be interesting to see when that will be.

Just before the spending stopped I booked us a holiday to the simplest place of them all.  I gave myself a budget of  £762 ... our car boot sale takings up to now this year ... and I managed it.  Two nights at PremierInn, one on the outward journey and one on the way home, flights, car parking, a lovely little one bedroom holiday cottage and kennel fees for the dogs and Ginger.

 We literally just have to pay the ferryman 😃

Alan needed something to look forward to after a gruelling few weeks working down South, and a workload that will be almost as heavy in the weeks to come, and I decided a break to somewhere that is truly a step back in time would be perfect,  a quite literal breath of fresh air ... just what Alan needs ... but also a break that fits in with my simplification ethos one that really is my kind of holiday.

  No cars, just horse drawn carts, tractors or bicycles.  A population of around 600 plus some visitors and day-trippers.  Only accessed by ferry a few times a day, and at the time of year we're going it should be calming down after the Summer season. 

Simplicity at home and on holiday.

Sue xx


  1. Sounds like Sark to me. Many a long year since I was last there, but a lovely island. Enjoy.

  2. Sounds like Sark to me too! I had relatives on Guernsey as a child and we often visited Sark from there. Have an amazing time!

  3. I've been reducing around the house. Our sons got worried that the pantry was less well stocked than when they grew up. I'm operating on the two in stock principle. When one is opened it's replaced.

  4. So true it makes us realise we never really needed all this "stuff" in our lives in the first place doesn't it, and just think how much money we could have saved, I was only thinking this morning how when we are younger we want it all but as we get older some of us just want the simplicity rather than the "stuff" and I am one.

    1. Sorry forgot to say enjoy your hard earned well deserved break. x

  5. Your holiday sounds wonderful. I hope you have a great time.

  6. I think at this Season of Life I am craving Simplicity more, being a Maximalist tho' it is difficult to downsize ENOUGH to actually attain Simplicity, but I'm on that Path at least. Your Vacation sounded lovely, serene and Zen.

  7. Wow, that sounds like the perfect holiday. Enjoy yourself.

    God bless.

  8. It sounds perfect to me. Enjoy your time away. X

  9. that sounds perfect to me. enjoy.

  10. the less I have, the less I need
    Amen to that. I "need" : a safe & warm house that is dry and secure, enough food for us and the hound, appropriate clothes. Pretty much everything else is "want" . . .

    and yes, I thought Sark too and thought it sounded wonderful.

  11. Your coming holiday sounds wonderful. Have a lovely relaxing time x

  12. Well done Sue on sorting your break using car boot money. Simplicity really had the key, it just makes life less complicated.


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