Thursday, 22 April 2021

A Walk to Check on Progress

The night before last we took a late evening doggy walk along the canal to the house to check on progress.   Alan has been much better this week and our walks have gotten longer and longer so now walking round to the house is back to normal, and both he and Suky have been getting some distance stamina in.  The downside to walking the canal in the evening is the midges, they get everywhere, I hate the little buggers.

Rounding the corner we discovered a nice neat front area, with the skip already loaded ready for pick up today.  Dave, our handyman and whizz at all trades is taking the washing machine and oven to the recycling centre next time he passes there.  A new skip will be in place once this one has gone and after  the space is used for the drop off of the things we have ordered for the back garden.

And talking of back gardens, it is now looking much neater out there, the part with the removed paving stones will be edged with sleepers and a large bed for a tree and some shrubs and seasonal plants will be at the bottom end.  Taking the line from the end of the annexe as a guide, so it will be a nice large bed of greenery and colour.  I still don't like having that much paving though, but Alan does ... hey ho!!

At the end of the annexe the fencing has been neatened up by using the painted panels to cover the old fencing that was there and which doesn't belong to us.  Once finished this will be my growing area for flowers and vegetables ... once I have designed the raised beds that will be going in there and that will be a green and luscious area hopefully.

I have fallen in love with this ... minus the side window and front veranda step but still with the overhang, and am trying to find someone to make it for me.  It would fit quite neatly into the space at the end of the annexe, completely covering the panel that is currently painted green.  πŸ’–

While we were there I took a minute to measure to see if I can fit a double bed in the bedroom and still be able to get two bedside drawers in ... I can, just!!  So that is the plan, and yesterday I spent a long time online picking out the furniture that I need, a bed, a wardrobe, two bedside drawers and a new sofa.  Once the annexe is painted they will all be ordered and delivered directly there.  

Before that, next weeks job is to have two new doors hung, one for the bathroom and one for the bedroom.  We have employed a local joiner to order and fit the doors as the doorframes both have unusual dimensions and both the frames and the doors will need to be modified ... and then after that the painting can commence.  Yay  πŸ˜ƒ

Edited to add:  Dave our brilliant handyman is going to make the shed for me once all the other jobs are completed ... he's a genius, it's official  😁

Sue xx


  1. So exciting! I love peeking into other peoples homes and decorating ideas.

  2. I am quite excited to watch this transformation unfold.

  3. It's all so exciting Sue! Thank you for letting us follow the progress of your new home.

  4. Good to see things are shaping up.I was stripping wallpaper yesterday, I think it's the worst DIY job I have to do, but it was the last of it. Now for the colour selection for the walls to match the feature wall.


  5. Looking good. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together πŸ‘πŸ˜

  6. Oh, that shed/garden room is gorgeous! I love the little veranda.

  7. Good to hear there is progress and you are happy with how it's going. The little shed is just lovely, will the verandah face North?
    So exciting to have it all moving along and choosing things for your new home.

  8. Sorry I meant facing South, for your Winter sun, opposite to here down under 😊

  9. Everything is coming along nicely.

    God bless.

  10. You are making good progress. I like the shed you want to have built. A shed is so important for storage. A flower box would look nice on that shed at the end of your annex.

  11. I love the little house with a veranda, so cute. It looks like things are coming along splendidly. So pleased to hear Alan is on the road to recovery.

  12. Fantastic to see the progress so far, very exciting for you both xx


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