Monday 5 April 2021

When the flowers go on and on ...


Sometimes flowers go on and on and sometimes they wither and die within days.  

These are some of my Mothers' Day flowers bought for me by my eldest son and  his girlfriend and they were still looking good at the start of this week.

How they started off on Mothers Day.

The little Carnation head had snapped off in the letter-box style package the flowers came in so I thought I would give it a chance to bloom and put it into my tiny jug, I'm so glad I did as it turned into a magnificent little pink pom pom.

Sue xx


  1. The flowers still look really good don't they, Sue, and I do love your little Emma Bridgwater jug :)
    It's cold but nice and sunny here today so I hope you're getting a bit of sun too. Enjoy!

  2. So very nice, glad for you. Carnations are a favorite of mine, the spicy smell.

  3. What lovely flowers, and a beautiful very personal card.

  4. They've lasted well. Very pretty, and I love the little jug as well. X

  5. Lovely, and the jug is precious.

  6. They have lasted beautifully well. I love that jug too.


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