Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Thank You, Oh Weird Ones


Thank you for all the birthday wishes  💖

That's it for another year, I can relax now.

The flowers were from my eldest son and his girlfriend ... who I have yet to meet thanks to the Lockdowns.  They came via Moonpig just like my Mother's Day flowers and landed through the letterbox with a very satisfying and Mavis provoking THUD.

The bag was off Alan and holds a shed load of shopping, which is very good as now the Challenge is over I can shop again and obviously I walk to and from all the shops now.  

I also bought some new clothes with money off my Mum, some new jeans to replace the two pairs I have lived in throughout lockdown, a new t-shirt and a really nice Fat Face checked shirt, and I still have what I am considering a £40 clothing allowance to spend when I see something I fancy in the charity shops. 

It was a good day, again thank you for all the good wishes and for understanding my phone phobia, it's nice that we are a bunch of equally weird ones.

Sue xx


  1. So glad it was a happy time!

  2. I'm so glad you had a good birthday, Sue. Here's to a wonderful year ahead. ~Andrea xoxo

  3. Beautiful flowers and a great bag, I love it.

  4. The flowers are beautiful! I'm so happy you had a good birthday.

  5. Lovely flowers Sue. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday.

  6. Happiest of birthdays to you!
    Those Moonpig flowers are such a great idea, what beautiful blooms they are, too. Love the shopping bag, it'll be even better crammed full of charity shop bargains! xxx

  7. Love the bag ( I am a bag lady ), I have many several ,give me a bag over fancy clothes any day , If people are focusing on the lovely bag I am carrying hopefully they won't notice the fashion sense of the carrier.I am in the era of big knickers , comfy trousers and big tops that hide big bums x

  8. So glad that your birthday went well. You still have a lovely amount to use in the thrift stores.

    God bless.

  9. Sorry I missed your birthday Sue, I hope you had a lovely and relaxing day. Gorgeous flowers, I especially love the little "Sue" jug♥ Love the bag as well xx

    1. I love my little jug, it is an Emma Bridgewater 'Christmas decoration' meant to be hung on the Christmas tree ... but I purposefully chose the most un-Christmassy design so I can use it all year round. It's great for the little buds that get broken off flowers in transit or trimmed off during flower arranging.

  10. Feels good , doesn't it.
    Flowers are more than gorgeous.
    Charity shops are my kind of shopping. :)

  11. I'm very glad it was such a good day for you.

  12. Belated happy Birthday, sounds like you had a good one.

  13. Happy belated birthday Sue. That bag made me smile and I love the colour of the flowers. Enjoy your charity shop money x x x