Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Photos on a Doggy Walk

While the guys were dismantling the two kitchens on Saturday morning we went for a doggy walk along the canal.  I wanted to get a new header photograph ready to use on this blog for when I move into my new place. The weather was cold but gloriously bright, just perfect to get a nice clear shot of the bridge and far too nice to sit on the floor watching men work.

The little barge called My Newt tempts me every time we walk past.  Her handrails and trims are all sporting a fresh coat of glossy red paint so I think someone loves her as much as I do.

 It was a beautiful day to slowly wander along the towpath and the dogs met lots of little doggy friends on our slow amble and had a good sniff around as we stopped and chatted to some of the barge owners that live on the water.

We walked first one way and then the other as I was trying to get a good shot of this bridge.  As you can see from the centre writing it was put up in 1927 and it carries a large water pipe rather than pedestrians, which is a bit sad as it would have been a handy cut through to town if we could get over on it.

You'll have to wait and see which photo I chose to use in the end, but I'll give you a clue ... it wasn't any of these.  😁

Sue xx


  1. Never insult a boat owner by talking about his barge, they are narrowboats, lol. I actually never worry what people call my boat but some people do.

    1. We have such a mix of Dutch Barges and narrowboats on the canal, alongside all the various little motorboats and such, that I never know what to call them. Even though Alan was in the Royal Navy he was a submariner so even he's not in the know where they are all concerned. So I do apologise to all the 'barge' owners out there ;-)

    2. I can never remember the difference between Boat and Ship let alone a submarine.

    3. Haha ... I'm not going sailing with you then potty!! Submarines definintely go BELOW the water level, nothing else does ... hopefully :-)

  2. What beautiful pictures! I love the bridge and it's reflection. It looks like a perfect place for walking the dogs.

  3. Fab photos, Sue, particularly the first one with the beautiful reflection in the water.

  4. What a beautiful walking path! ~Andrea xoxo

  5. Super pictures, so clear and sunny.

  6. They are all nice photo's. I like the first one best for the reflections.


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