Tuesday 26 July 2022

Weeds, Bread ... and Answers on a Postcard


I've been a blogger for so long that I'm used to having either my camera or phone to hand to snap various things that I suddenly have an idea that I might use for a blog post.

But sometimes the photos then live on the computer for quite a while,  so when I look through the files for each month I wonder 'What on earth was I going to write about this?'

Oranges and Lemons anyone?

An obvious lunchtime sandwich containing perhaps salad and something!!

My favourite weed, now sporting lovely little delicate flowers.

I know what this is ... it was going to be a decluttering Before and After, but nothing left the house (or even the jug) so I guess it was just a This is How it Is.  Not a very good spot the difference eh  😂

And the grand finale ... a loaf of bread!!

Nope, I have absolutely no idea what I was going to write about this ... answers on a postcard please. 😃

Gosh I write such eloquent and interesting blog posts ...  occasionally!

Sue xx 


  1. Not a clue - so I'm no help at all

  2. Favourite weed could be a toadflax, I have both purple and pink, tiny snapdragon like flowers. Purple a good selfseeder, pink less so. Not a clue about the other photos though.

    1. Ooh yes, I Googled it and it's pretty much the same, mine is just starting to get purple flowers. Alan was about to pull it up and I shouted at him. It's my new pet weed :-)

  3. Interesting sandwich fillings?
    New ideas for decorating your shelf?

  4. My enteries on a postcard :-
    Photo 1 --- Entering world championship orange and lemon championship balancing - whoops, dropped one - disqualified !
    Photo 2 ---Hands up, who's pinched me chips !
    Photo 3 --- Garstang news ---mysterious yellow snake seen entering unsuspecting residents property. !
    Photo 4 --- Don't mess with me !
    Photo 5 --- bread balancing competition - " ta da ! " .nailed it - First prize !
    Am I close ? :) x

    1. Haha ... brilliant. You absolutely nailed it for sure. :-)

      Send me your address (I won't publish the comment you put it on) and I'll send you a prize!!

  5. That's a fun post, Sue! I got a good chuckle this morning thanks to you!

  6. That gave me a laugh! Nice to know other people can’t remember why they photograph things. I did a major declutter of the photos on my phone last week before my new one arrived.Catriona

  7. Hmmm, nothing coming to mind here. I photograph things and can't remember why either.

    God bless.


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