Wednesday 13 March 2019

Smaller homes .

Oh gosh, how true is this.

Living my new Smaller and Simpler life my wallet really is fatter.  

Helped out by lots of yellow sticker bargains and an Aldi in the nearest town.   Here are just a few of the things I picked up last week.  I loved that they were all necessities and not the 'junk food' you usually see on the reduced yellow sticker shelves.  Booths leave most of the foods in situ, so you find these treasures as you browse the store.  Potatoes, onions, bread rolls (still with days left, it was just that one roll had been squished at the end), apples and Roasted Vegetable Cous Cous .... which was delicious.

Here at the van I own less, much less.  It makes for easy living and quicker choices  ... and after a Summer of car-booting I hope to extend that to both homes.

Our relationship is brilliant, when we're apart we phone each other every day to chat, to laugh at fun things we've spotted or read, to see how the other is doing.  We spend quality time with each other when we are together, well if I can keep Alan awake at the van that is ... he chills out so much here he literally falls asleep at every opportunity.

We have all of the good times and none of the niggles.

The cleaning time here is so much shorter, just a five minute whizz round with the rechargeable vacuum each day, a wipe down of surfaces and a splash of cleaner in the toilets and that's it ... done.

And the fun times ... well they are just the icing in a rather splendid cake.

Sue xx


  1. It sounds absolutely perfect.

  2. I love what you say about 'cleaning time'. In the campervan I could (if I wanted!) have the entire space surgically clean inside an hour. In this big lump of a house it takes that long just to vacuum everywhere . . . sigh
    I know, First World Problems 😉

  3. So glad it is working out really well for you both. It's lovely that you are taking us on this new journey and sharing your 'Van' experiences. No wonder Alan falls asleep there - it is so cosy and homely looking - a real chill out place.

    1. The minute he sits down he's away with the sleep fairies :-)

  4. Sue you sound so happy and content with your Van and I'm glad that Alan is relaxing (sleeping) when the nice weather comes you'll be able to get out and about more in your together time. Well done on the ys items every penny counts when you don't have a lot. I agree with the cleaning and having extra time to do things you want to do (jumping in puddles) Take care xx

    1. When the weather gets hot no doubt he'll be out on the deck in his trunks again like last year, scaring the wildlife!!

  5. So glad you are so contented, I have always followed all your blogs and you are such an inspiration to us all. Well done girl for being true to yourself. xx

  6. So pleased your 'new life' is working out so beautifully. You sound really happy!


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