Friday 3 May 2019

Re-potting in the Garden

Someone who had given up their caravan had left three stone planters behind, I spotted them in the 'caravan graveyard' one day when we were walking the dogs.  It's the place were anything useful ... including caravans goes to languish before being tipped, burnt or asked for.  I asked for them, and they were mine.

Up to now I have just planted up the middle one as I couldn't find the Red Cordylines that I fancied for the other two locally but I managed to get a pair at Wyevales when I was there for lunch with Mum and the dogs on Wednesday.  I'll get them in over the weekend.  It's sod's law because I spotted two on the plant stall at the street market in Garstang yesterday!  

The rest of the garden is waking up nicely.

These Pansies are adding a real pop of colour. 

This corner bed now seems to be little Bella's toilet area,  she hates wet grass but doesn't mind wet chippings.  Each time she comes out from behind the plants she brings me a piece of bark chip ... as if to say 'Sorry I've just  pooped on your flowerbed, but here's a little present'.

I'll make sure I wear gloves when working in this area ... and only pick high level herbs 😉

The Chives are healthy,  and as you saw in yesterday's post are being used regularly.

I've done my usual trick in the Tin Bath and planted out a tray of Living Lettuces bought from Booths last week for just one pound. You can't go wrong with eight lettuces for that price can you.  They should last me a while.  I'm going to put in a French Bean plant at the back to make use of the trellis.

And I'll most likely add my free Tomato plant from Wyevale that Mum had a coupon for.  Seemingly it's National Gardening Week this week, hence the freebie.

After taking these photos and loading them ready for posting yesterday I went to Aldi for some fresh milk for Alan this weekend, and guess what, this week the centre aisles ...  those amazing but dreaded centre aisles ... were packed to capacity with garden goodies of every description.  

I may have bought a planter or three and a couple of rolls of twig style edging to help me puppy proof the Smaller Garden ... she fits through the tiniest of openings.  But I wasn't tempted in the slightest to buy a chainsaw!!  I see a lot of accidents happening this week if folk buy a chainsaw along with their weekly food shop and then go mad in the garden trimming trees and bushes with no expertise, training or safety equipment.

A and E staff you have been warned!

Sue xx


  1. If you managed to get planted up then watch out because sharp frosts are forecast for this weekend. How contrary our weather can be this time of year.

  2. Deb from Ohio3 May 2019 at 12:39

    Love the purple pansies, and had to smile at little Bella bringing you a gift...too cute!

  3. Oh, your garden is coming along wonderfully. I do like those cement planters.

    God bless.

  4. Sue I got a Red Star Cordyline from Morrisons on Tuesday for £3. Your 'new' garden is just the right size to potter in and will be looking even more colourful in no time ! x

  5. Those stone planters are great and no doubt would be costly to buy. You lucked out on that deal! The garden is looking good.

  6. What a lovely little spot you have made - it will be amazing when in full bloom!

  7. Chain saws fill me with terror - vicious things. I'd much rather pay a professional to do the necessary.

  8. Your garden is looking lovely, Sue. My daughter tipped me off about the Aldi goodies, as I hadn't been in there for a couple of weeks. A couple of planters were purchased here too!


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