Wednesday 22 May 2019

Yay ... The Cupboard is Done ...

I've finally got the cupboard how I want it.

  It only took an hour or so to empty it out again have a quick wipe around and once it was dry I stuck a few hooks to hang things at the back and sides.

The spare plates went onto the shelf at the back.  We don't use them but if we had guests or family were using the van they might come in handy, and the things that are in day to day use are now all within easy reach and I don't have to lift things out to get to anything.

What works better in the bottom cupboard is to have the shelf unit the other way round, so once again everything is within reach and the only things stood in front of the items on the shelves are my potato bag and the cordials for making up drinks.

The back, hard to get to corner is empty ,.. just a big empty space ... which makes me very happy 😁

Almost as happy as Bella relaxing in the garden next to the pansies.  

She's being a very brave little girl this week as she is the only dog here with me.  Giving Suky and Mavis a break from lively puppy antics while she learns to meet and greet other dogs on our outings without big sisters to hide behind.

Sue xx


  1. We have 2 kitchen corner cupboards which are totally inaccessible unless I get down on my hands and knees and stick my head right inside....not so easy nowadays! And even if I do, they're so dark I need a torch to see into them. Blimmin' annoying.

  2. One of the big things we had to think about when we redesigned our kitchen was a huge great gulf of space in the corner under the sink drainer - I literally couldn't reach the back of it at all, and even MrEH could only get right into it by lying full length on the floor and stetching to his absolute limit - crazy! A solution was found when we realised that the sink could sit on a single cupboard - leaving the double cupboard to go in the other orientation (ie from the worktop to extend under the drainer) and this then allowed for a pull-out unit that means we can use every scrap of space - SUCH a good use of our money to build that in!

  3. I love what you've done with the cupboard! It looks so neat and organized. I have one of those bottom corner cabinets that is such a waste of space. It is good to see Bella! I've been missing her.

  4. I've never noticed before, but I had to giggle at her ears in that photo - they look so BIG!!!! She does look very much at home in that sunny spot surrounded by flowers.
    You now have me thinking hard about re-arranging my kitchen cupboards as I have that very awkward wasted space (The Black Hole!) in the corner. Hmmm . . . . .

  5. Wonderful job on the cupboard. You did very well.

    God bless.

  6. You are inspiring me to organize my messy cupboards.


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