Monday, 29 May 2023

Magical Older Dogs


There something magical about older dogs, and cats too for that matter.

They settle down to be comfortable in their own skin, but just like us older humans they can have those wonderful crazy moments of sheer joy and unbridled lust for life.  Their fur turns greyer, their eyes look cloudier but wiser and when they look up at you, their human friend, you can almost see the shared history they are remembering.

Suky aged two.

Suky aged 11.

Mavis aged two.

Mavis aged 12.

Ginger aged four.

Ginger aged 13.

Magical older friends. 💝

Sue xx


  1. Oh, 'Amen' darling, Amen to that. 💚 🐾 💚

    Every single time I would take the old girl who has been left behind in favour of the exciting new noisy puppy. The one who has been in a rescue too long, the one who just wants love and a kind home. 😢

  2. Oh, Mavis's eyebrows! Isn't it funny (endearing) how dogs' fur also goes grey as they age. My lovely Bettyboo will be 7 in October, odd to think she'll then be in the Senior category for food!

  3. What a lovely post with such gorgeous photos. How very true it all is too. Thank you.

  4. Just lovely. Beautiful photos.

  5. What a lovely post and the photos are a great record of your four legged family. Happy Monday. Catriona

  6. That is so true, but this 'old dog' - me - has had to learn a few new tricks these days to keep up. Lesley

  7. I love that cartoon at the end. Very wise. "Find yourself a good person". Doesn't just apply to dogs, does it?

  8. I've got a big lump in my throat now, after reading that post and looking at the photos. It's been 17 months since I had a dog in my home - and it still hurts, that silence, the lack of a 'Welcome back' greeting when I've been out, if only for 2 minutes and the lack of anyone to talk to. I'm 78 now and too old to take on another dog - but dread the continuing silence stretching out in front of me.

    1. Could you foster an older dog? Quite a few rescue centres look to find long term foster care for dogs they can't rheometer.

    2. That's can't re home. Don't know how or why Google changed my words.

    3. I adopted a 17 year old cat. Her owner had died, leaving her "unadoptable" at the shelter. She was adorable, loving and cuddly. She lived three more years, and gave me such joy. Rambler, perhaps you can find an aged dog who needs a final home.

    4. Only you know what's best for you Rambler. xx

      I think once we have lost our oldies the only sort of dog I would be up for getting in the future would be an elderly 'unadoptable' dog from a shelter or charity. But sometimes it can be just as rewarding to meet other people's dogs when you are out and about, without all the work and heartbreak that owning one of your own can bring.

  9. Lovely post. Thanks. Pets are such dear friends.

  10. Your lovely animals melt my heart! I'm all about battered old cats with torn ears and sad faces. All of my cats have been rescues, I'd fill my house with them if I could. xxx

  11. We had our fur baby Shania from the time she was 10 weeks old. The people who gave her to us were going to put this scrawny kitten down if no one took her. She grabbed my heart as soon as we met. It took Harvey a bit longer.... She actually was his cat. She knew when he would be coming home and would sit on the sill until he drove up and then run to meet him at the door. Mornings he was home she would cuddle beside him and as she grew older and couldn't jump up onto the couch, Harvey would lift her up to sit with him.

    She would help (well kind of get in the way) me cut out patterns on the floor, and layout quilt blocks.

    Shania passed away at age 21, and we still miss her so much.

    God bless.

  12. THANK YOU for all these comments, it's been lovely to read them now that we are back at home.

  13. Late to this but........Lovely x
    Alison in Wales x


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