Saturday, 27 May 2023

To Love and to Startle


I love this ☝ꜛ

I love the simplicity of it and the message it carries

I love that it reminded me that I have never said I Love You to my readers.

Some of you have followed me for years, far too many years of waffle perhaps

 On different blogs of various topics containing posts that are short and concise or that ramble on for days.

You have been there in the written word, via comments, emails and Messenger

You have been there in person, chatting over our car-boot stalls, in our home over glasses of wine, dishes of curry ... and lots and lots of cups of coffee on the patio in Wales.

So just this once

I will say

I love you.

Was that startling?

Sue xx


  1. No, not startling but warm, kind, honest. Your thoughtful words are the first thing I have read today, sitting with a precious-beginning-the-day pot of coffee in my tiny campervan close to a beach. Thank you for being part of my day starting so well. xx 🥰

  2. Aww that was lovely :-) xxx

  3. The perfect beginning to my morning of blog reading :) Thank you :)

  4. What a nice thought to ponder over coffee! I really love the sense of community that just naturally springs up when you put your thoughts out there and the whispers begin to come back...."me, too! I see it the very same way..." And you go from feeling like a stranger in a strange, strange world to community of like minded souls.

  5. Startling, but oh so welcome. Thank you Sue. I always say those magic words to my sons and the grandchildren - whether they like it or not!!!

  6. Lovely and not too startling!
    Alison in Wales x

  7. Ah, what a lovely message. I feel like this about my blog friends! They've been there for me for so long!x

  8. What a nice message x

  9. Love to open to your site and read bits and bobs about your life. It's no small thing to bring a smile to your followers or a reminder of how blessed we are and how we can bless others (e.g. refugees). So sending the love back at you from over the Pond. :) Mary

  10. Aw, thanks, Sue - and the same right back to you for your wonderful, quirky, challenging, nostalgic, homey blog - one I would hate to be without as it brightens my day no end! xx

  11. THANK YOU ... for all these lovely comments. xx


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