Wednesday 30 October 2019

Back to Coffee

We are enjoying some wonderful weather here at the Van.  

The morning walks taking us across the river are beautiful, with the sound of the river much calmer now after the deluges of last week.  There are blue skies overhead and the sounds of birds singing their hearts out in the freshness of the day.  As we tramp through long, wet grass and along stony paths my mind is free to wander and plan the day ... as much as my days are ever planned.  The mess at home in Wales as our house is literally being dismantled and rebuilt, is temporarily forgotten about and I can pull my mind to the moment I am in.  

Keeping a watchful eye on an exploring Pug with a definite mission on her mind is easy, she knows the path and  loves the freedom of our daily walk.  She runs ahead down the stone road that leads to the farm gate, and once I can see ahead of us that the gate is closed I can relax knowing that she will wait for me if she gets there first … and she always does.  And of course she enjoys the walk even more when it leads us to her favourite place as it did yesterday.

" Are you going to the counter yet Mum, we need coffee and cake? "

Suky's wish is my command and returning to an occasional coffee after my Challenge of last week is nice.  Although I must add it is never daily ... well rarely 😉

Sue xx


  1. It's great to see the sunshine. I cannot up with the cold as long as the sun is out. Suky is beautiful.

  2. How could you ever turn Suky down. That face, those eyes.

    God bless.

  3. I couldn't say no to that sweet face!

  4. What a beautiful peaceful way to spend your morning. Sounds like a lovely walk with a lovely little girl.

  5. Can't believe you are having major work done on your house.Certainly is upsetting. I remember you having your extension built. Doesn't seem that long ago.

    1. It wasn't that long ago :-(

      The house started leaking like a sieve last Winter, so we had a full buildings survey done and it threw up major defects, we are correcting every fault ready to put it on the market next Spring.

  6. Sorry to hear that. How worrying. I have watched as you and your husband put in so much hard work . The driveway and your polytunnels. The saddness when you lost the puppy. I hope next year will see all of this put firmly behind you. Try not to get dishearted. Best wishes, Caz.


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