Sunday 13 October 2019

Happy Birthday Suky

It's someone's birthday today.

My special girl Suky is 8 years old.

Sometimes I'm asked about her name and it's meaning.  The name Suky is a derivative of Susan, and meaning a lily, the same as Susan does ...  I didn't know this when I named her, the coincidence blew my mind!!  

She was actually called Suky in memory of Jessie, Alan's Mum who sadly died the day before Suky was born.  She loved dogs that snuggled up to you and said they were 'sooky sooky' dogs.  Meaning timid and needy in Scottish terminology.  Hence Suky's name is a tribute to a very special lady.

She's here somewhere, she's one of the pups with her Mum at just a couple of days old.

The day we picked her up, December 2011 ... just eight weeks old.  

Suky Midnight Star with her Mum Lady Midnight Star, her dad is a black Pug called Kenmilleven Graphite

With protective 'big sister' Rosy, the day after we brought her home.

And running on the farm with both sisters.

Tucked into Dad's coat when it got too cold, and little legs got too tired.

Toilet trained  :-)

December 2012

Chubby pup 2013

A tired Dad makes for a good mattress, here with all her doggy sisters October 2014.

Another year and the diet is working well, 2015

2016 and a svelte and happy Suky.

But even so ... fitting into one bed with the family can sometimes feel like a squeeze. 2017

2018 sees Suky modelling socks ... and not looking too happy about it!!

And now in 2019, she's my constant companion both at the Van and back in Wales.

Happy Birthday Suky.  πŸŽ‚

Sue xx


  1. Wishing you and Suky a wonderful evening. Happy Birthday and thanks for posting.

  2. She's beautiful. Happy Birthday Suky!

  3. I love the pictures! Happy Birthday Sweet Suky!

  4. Happy birthday Suky! I remember her arrival - but can't believe it was eight years ago. How the years fly. x

  5. Happy birthday gorgeous girl.x

  6. Happy Birthday baby girl, here's to many, many more. xx 🐾🐢

  7. Such a wonderful post on Suky, loved all the photos♥ I watched a TV programme here in the late 90's and the show had a resident pug called Ralph and since then I've always loved pugs:)

  8. PS I forgot to say have a very special birthday Suky xxxxxx

  9. Happy Eight Year Old Birthday, Suky. I love seeing all those photos of you and reading about your lovely life and you look amazing! Have a wonderful day.

  10. Happy Birthday Suki x. We have a wall hanging in our hall that says "Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole " and yours do just that as do ours !

  11. Happy birthday beautiful little Suky. Have a lovely day with your Mum.

  12. Happy Birthday. I'm sure its going to be a good one.

    1. It will be once we pick all the animals up from the kennels. Fancy being locked up on your birthday … poor Suky!!

  13. Happy bday Suky. Having a loving constant companion dog is a true gift it is obviously you treasure.

  14. Happy birthday gorgeous Suky!

  15. She has such a sweet little face! Thanks for all the lovely pictures of her. Maybe tomorrow can be her celebration if she was in the kennels today!

  16. Happy Birthday Suky. She is such a cutie.

    God bless.

  17. What a cutie she is!!!

    Belated Happy Birthday, to her.



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