Saturday 12 October 2019

Rolling Down the Road


Keeping it real

And keeping it simple


  1. I am done with idiots full stop, no one is going to annoy me and get away with it, not wasting my breath, time or energy on them anymore, sad to say I am related to quite a few idiots as wel.
    As for simple and simplifying I have fallen off the wagon a bit, but time to get my shit together again.
    Enjoy the weekend. xx

  2. I love it when I have periods like this - sadly sometimes things intervene.

  3. Lots of us strive for simplicity but things just go wrong. Like Marlene I just don't pander to idiots anymore.

  4. So agree!

    But it can take a lot of time, to learn, to just be ourselves. At least, for someone of my *advance* age. -smile- But when we do, it's all the sweeter.



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