Friday 4 October 2019

Off to Simplicity

I've had enough

I need to get away

I need space to think

Space to live

And space to simply be

I will be back

But for a while, I'll leave you with my thoughts 

... and some of the memes I love

Sue xx


  1. I will miss you. Take care and don't be too scary. xxx

  2. I hope you find your simple space. Look after yourself and come back refreshed x

  3. Sue, I hope you find the peace you are looking for and deserve. Take care, come back when you are ready. Tx

  4. Don't be a stranger and return ASAP - Here's some (((hugs))) from Suffolk

  5. Take care, you will be much missed. xx

  6. Hope you're ok Sue, I will miss you too. You have inspired me to declutter and we are moving from a 3 bed semi to a much smaller 2 bed cottage. So thank you and take care xx

  7. Take care of yourself - but come back soon.
    We need people like you to keep us on the straight & narrow - and to remind us of all we have. :-)

  8. I hope that you find everything you are looking for. Take care.

  9. Back each day with some of my favourite memes. Don't worry 😃

  10. Take your time to take care of you, from your fellow Manc!

  11. Do what you need to do and come back when you feel like it.

  12. Take care of yourself. We all need space to just be. We will all be here when you return.

    God bless.


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