Thursday 17 October 2019

Gorgeous Day

It's a gorgeous day here at the Van, so after a leisurely start we went on our customary 'coffee and cake walk'.  Across the bridge spanning the river where I just had to keep Suky waiting for a minute while I took this lovely photo.  Then onwards along the path by the side of the fields to the Scorton road.

Suky led the way ... mention 'coffee and cake' and she immediately knows where she is going to … and in ten  minutes we were there.

I don't get time to browse the lovely shop when we arrive, once we are there Suky wants to go straight to the restaurant area.  Dogs are allowed anywhere at this lovely garden centre, but as it was such a gorgeous day I decided to sit outside in the sunshine.  

You order at the counter and then it's waitress service, so I had plenty of time to admire the Autumn plant displays and marvel at the beautiful blue sky.

When our drinks arrived I got out my phone to take a photo … the reason for todays visit.  

Any excuse eh  🤣

My new Challenge is about to kick off and this is exactly what inspired it.  To see what it's all about you can nip over to the Challenge blog and read for yourself.  You can't beat a Challenge inspired by a cup of coffee though can you … haha!!

Sue xx


  1. Oooh - a new challenge. Better whizz straight over there. Lovely photos.

  2. How sweet, I can just picture Suky leading you to the restaurant, bless her.x

  3. That is sooo adorable! I love this post! Annster's Domain

  4. I'm glad you took the time, to take the photo. It is lovely.

    And I am really taken-with your Header picture! Oh happy sigh... Sooooooo perfect...

    Mmmm, a Challenge... I don't usually do them, but it will be interesting to see, what you will be doing for it.


  5. What a nice walk with a reward at the end! How nice that Suky even gets a biscuit!


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