Tuesday 15 October 2019

Holiday to Sark

Where do you go when you want a simple holiday, a step back in time, with nature on your doorstep, peace and quiet everywhere you go and not too many people to bump into.

We chose Sark.

We were lucky with the weather.  Sunshine and wildflowers along the lanes in October, amazing.

Rather a lot of coffee and cake was consumed ... shhh don't tell Suky!!

Walking across La Coupee on a blustery but lovely warm, sunny day gave us spectacular views, the sort that genuinely makes you say 'Wow'.

We left our cycles on the main island side and walked around for the day.  After not being on a bicycle for over 35 years I had great trouble admiring views and keeping in a straight line on unmade up roads and muddy paths.

Having a delicious lunch on Little Sark once we had crosse La Coupee.  Just a simple salad but served on freshly baked French bread ... proper French bread.

Then with the skies darkening, we set off to walk back and retrieve the bikes.

We spent our days walking, cycling and eating.  Exploring the island and meeting some of its 660 inhabitants ... but not many of them, it's a quiet place with lots of elderly folks that keep themselves to themselves in houses dotted few and far between. We spent time chatting to the different day-trippers that came over each day on the two passenger ferries when we bumped into them in the cafe or pub.  And just generally relaxing.

We got this close to a genuine Olympic gold medal on Friday night when the main Island Hall opens for a big Fish and Chip supper for islanders and visitors to enjoy.

Then after a week of rest and relaxation, we headed home via Guernsey.  Stopping off for a spot of lunch before catching our flight back to Southampton Airport.  It was a lot of travelling, but we both drive so it helps with long journeys.  

Now we are all home as we have just picked up Ginger and the dogs from the local kennels, where they have holidayed for the last ten days.  They all smell very 'doggy' ... yuk!!

The house is in chaos with wet washing everywhere,  our heating system needs water letting into it and the guys that have erected the scaffolding around the house in our absence have rather inconsiderately put one of the scaffolding uprights right in front of the boiler door ... so we can't open it to re-charge the system.  The hot water will run out soon as that is also losing heat, so it's home to all the usual problems.  The building work on the exterior of the house starts anytime now so it's back to the peace and quiet of Van Life for me.

I supervised the last lot of building work while Alan worked away,  so this time it's my turn to escape the mess and chaos ... phew.   :-)

Sue xx


  1. It sounds like a wonderful holiday and I bet you're both all the more able to cope with the disruption for having had it.

  2. I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday in a lovely quiet place.
    AS for the scaffolding - sheeesh what idiots!

  3. What a blissful break I would love to visit the channel islands again one day. We went to Guernsey many moons ago.
    Hope the chaos gets sorted soon.

  4. The Sark coastline looks just like ours here in West Wales - lovely.

  5. Sark looks amazingly peaceful. I've only ever been to Jersey. The ferry stopped off at Guernsey to drop some people off. I wouldn't mind holidaying there one day. I haven't flown since our honeymoon, nearly 26 years ago, so it would be the ferry for us. What a numpty, putting a scaffolding pole in front of the door!

  6. What a wonderful holiday and a beautiful place I would absolutely love to go there or better still ,at the moment, an Island with nobody else on it, a well stocked larder, fridge and freezer with delicious food, plenty to read and no television, oh what bliss that would be .

  7. Has Alan developed a halo? (last photo)

  8. Must say your building problems make my blocked soakaway sound very small fry.

  9. Lovely photos of Sark. I went there on a day trip once when we had sailed across to Guernsey (that was in a different lifetime . . .) I can remember having a Ploughman's Lunch in a pub (or hotel with food) near Le Coupee and the butter had been hand-made and was SO yellow AND local too! Delicious. I remember spotting the wild flower Broomrape for the first time too.

  10. How lovely. We've been to Guernsey but never Sark.
    The Isle of Skye was similarly peaceful. It's lovely to experience such rest fullness and peace.

  11. What a gorgeous place, and how lucky you were with the weather. Like Eloise, we've also been to Guernsey but not Sark. I don't envy you and Alan the building works, no wonder you've escaped this time!

  12. It looks gorgeous on Sark...Best of luck with the building work...

  13. What a fabulous holiday, fingers crossed with the building work. I'm sure everything will be ship shape very soon:)

  14. It looks lovely there. My kind of scenery.

  15. -happy sigh- Oh what a beautiful place for a holiday!!!!!!



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