Thursday 24 October 2019

A Woman's True Nature

Thank you so much for all the comments and thought provoking responses to the last post.

It seems that so many of us are on the same wavelength and very similar journeys, and lots more are on a similar path, still on their own journey and getting there in their own time and in their own way. 

 As women, or indeed just people we can be invincible once we 'find' ourselves ... and may your God protect anyone that gets in the way!!

My most immediate journey is one back to Van Life to take me away from all the chaos and frankly quite upsetting building work.  

I cannot begin to tell you how much all this stripping back of the house has upset me.  The lovely paint job that is no more, the mess inside the house as plaster fall off the walls and it's dust coats anything you put down.  Carpet sample books lying around, plumbers measuring for new radiators, bathroom fittings etc.  Electricians expected anytime to quote for new, actually working, bathroom lights … the last ones only went in last year and have failed miserably.  Basically you would need a torch to apply any makeup … not that Alan wears much.  😉

So in half an hour me and Suky are hitting the road back to the calmness of Van Life and ready to continue with my latest Challenge over on my other blog.

Sue xx


  1. Life is just so chaotic. I am so happy you are loving your van life.
    My simpler less chaotic life will be here soon, ( well this time next year) and I can't wait.x

  2. oh no. Think I would stay in the van. Good job you have got it ! Thats a lot of work all happening at the same time.

  3. Thank goodness you have a place to escape to as it sounds a right ol' mess!

  4. So sorry to learn just how much still has to be done to what should have been your 'happy place'. I'm suspecting you are at the point of just wanting to be shot of it all. At least you and Alan have the integrity to make it right before you put the house up for sale.

    There is still, after 12 years, work which ought to be done here. It will remain undone - I can no longer face the dirt, dust, disruption and overall misery of having trades turn the place upside down. Hope you have a wonderful few days at The Van.

  5. I know the feeling so well Sue. I am afraid I like everything working, a nice tidy place where I can do my own thing and no disturbance. Of course there has to be some sometimes, but it always disturbs my equilibrium - as has my recent trouble with an outside soakaway. I tend to see this as a weakness - your blog gives me strength to see I am not alone.

  6. You've certainly had more than your fair share of troubles with that house, Sue. It'd drive me mad too. How fortunate you have your lovely calm van to escape to.

  7. Ouch, it seems like it never rains but pours. Getting back to your simple life in the van will be very welcome I am sure.

    God bless.

  8. Lucky you have somewhere to escape to. My family all had statics as I was growing up and I do miss them but unfortunately it's not something we can consider at the moment. Things happen for a reason Sue and as my mum says "it'll all come out in the wash".

  9. I do feel for you, and understand why you need to escape. My house needs work done, re wiring, some roof tiles replacing, but I can't be doing with all the mess. Eventually I will move out and let someone else deal with it. Not just yet though, almost free living at the moment.

  10. Enjoy your time at the Van with Suky Sue♥ Peace and calm awaits:)


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