Tuesday, 8 October 2019


It doesn't take much to make me grounded again

A walk in nature

A sit in silence

A daydream on a cloudy day

A dream of a fresh new future


  1. Absolutely right, Sue, absolutely right x

  2. How lovely!! It's so nice to always have a dream though sometimes very hard to achieve that dream. But then I suppose if it was achieved it would not be a dream any more. Perhaps dreams should be left as dreams.

    1. We should always try to live our lives heading towards our dreams. Whether we reach them in the end or simply discover something even more magical on the way and detour on a whole new tangent ... we should still, in my opinion anyway, always work towards them ❤

  3. ARGH .. making me homesick for Dad & Mom's farm .. no electricity .. no running water .. but we never knew that some considered us poor. If we ever said anything about not having something to do .. Mom would say "Go read a book!" All 11 of us love to read .. it has helped us on our journey through life.

  4. Dreams give us something to reach for.

    God bless.