Thursday 12 March 2020

A Change of Colour

Isn't it funny how without you even realising it a colour 'infects' your life!

I've always been a 'green girl', you all know that, in the house, in my clothes and obviously in the garden, loving most shades of green which quite naturally goes wonderfully with my green eyes.  But for the past few months surrepticiously a new colour has been appearing more and more on my day to day radar.

It started at Christmas time when I received as a gift from my younger son and his girlfriend, the above box with toiletries and a gorgeous scarf inside.  The scarf is mostly navy with touches of pink, lavender, mustard and white and it matches my day to day jacket, my warm dog walking coat and lots of my jumpers and t-shirts.

Mustard it would seem has been growing on me.

In Sainsbury's the other week picking up some milk for my Mum I spied these Converse style sneakers in a glorious shade of mustard and although they had none in my size ... just lots of size 4's, God sometimes I wish I had delicate little feet like that,  but I guess I would just topple over with such a small standing platform!!

Anyhoo ... I did buy one of the navy and white stripe t-shirts, and that fitted and looked wonderful.

  So ... when I got home I decided to put in an online order for a pair of the sneakers and two more of the t-shirts.  I do like to wear a 'uniform' of sorts in my day to day life to make getting dressed a little bit easier and quicker, occasionally a priority when you have two older dogs ... when you gotta go you've gotta go and all that!!

They arrived and yes … I still love the sneakers, in fact I love them so much for a split second, minute, perhaps even hour, I toyed with the idea of ordering some more.  Commonsense prevailed and I didn't, as I also have a white pair, a maroon pair and a navy pair all bought last year from various shops in the end of Summer sales.

My feet are going to be very happy this Spring, Summer and Autumn  😁

One thing I didn't think of in ordering the t-shirts online is that you get sent the hangers as well.  I usually pollitely refuse them in shops, hoping they will be recycled, gosh I do hope they are.  But now I have these.  I might put them in a box for someone to help themselves to at the next car boot sale we do, I'm selling the clothes rail so I might as well.

Sue xx


  1. If you love the shoes that much, I think you should spring for the extra pair.

  2. I know what you mean about colour. For years it has been any colour as long as it is black for me. My favourite jumper of all time is my black cashmere V neck sweater, but lately I too have been attracted to green and this morning ordered a green block print cotton sweater from Seasalt. All I need now is the weather to wear it.

  3. I have also been someone who had every item as long as it's black, but I am now changing to navy. I wonder why? I like your navy and white t-shirts, will have to have a look when I'm next in Sainsburys, the navy and mustard look good together. Helen S.

  4. I do like that mustard colour. Lately for me I have gone for pink which is a new thing but lots of comments saying it suits me.

  5. Burgundy, red, green and gold/cream are my colours for the house. Perhaps they remind me of autumn? However, I bought beautiful blue pots for the garden last year and love them. While I was out walking last week, I saw crimson and bright green pots in someone's garden and fell in love with them. Unfortunately, husband had other opinions. I am painting the shed a brighter colour this year too.

    Charity shops are sometimes looking for hangers.

    Thank you for not posting about the 'C' word which is all we are hearing about. It's a huge concern, I know, but such a relief to be reading about something normal in your blog.

  6. I love mustard too. I was very lucky last week when I walked into Sainsbury and they had a rail of jumpers at the door all marked down to £1! I got two mustard jumpers for £2. I love it when I'm in the right place at the right time! Your shoes look great, I might have a look at them myself - hopefully I'll be out of the jumpers by the time I can wear them though! x

  7. I have a couple of the navy tops from Sainsbugs too. They are a good fit, cheap, look great with jeans and wash well. What more could we want? I do now have 'sneaker envy' though :) I wonder if they would fit me... size 6 but wide feet : /

  8. I must have missed those shoes in Sainsbury’s, they’re a lovely colour! I think their clothes are very good value, but also wash really well. The Joules box is very pretty too.

  9. Lovely colour. I must see if that is a colour choice here in Canada for sneakers.

    God bless.

  10. I like your mustard color sneakers, they are an appealing color.


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