Wednesday 25 March 2020

Reasons to be Thankful

Well here I am first day back home in Wales, with the sun shining and a gentle breeze I have managed to dry two sets of bedding already.  According to the forecast the weather is due to change sometime soon so I decided to get stuck in with washing today and get as much dry as I could.

Yesterday while I cleaned around the Van and packed up as much as I could possibly fit into my little Fiat 500 ... as of course we don't know when we will be allowed back onto the park ... Suky kept a beady eye on me from the doorway, while managing to soak up as many rays as she could while doing so.  She was determined, as the dogs always are, that I would not go without her!!

The motorways were quite busy as I left around lunchtime, but as I entered Wales and the M56 merged into the A55 the traffic got quieter and quieter and the roads cleared.  It was a quieter journey home than I have ever had, and as I came off the A55 and drove through Glan Conwy there wasn't another car to be seen.  It felt eerie, but with the sunshine and a few dog walkers here and there it was also strangely calming. 

Reasons to be thankful are on everyone's minds at the moment, and yes we have lots of reasons to be thankful here.  My first one is the glorious weather and seeing all the bedding blowing gently on the line.  My second is that this hen, looking rather poorly yesterday when I arrived home, has decided as chickens often do that sunshine makes everything worth living for and she is running around and back to normal today.

Watched over and kept company by her sister.  

They are little no-names known collectively with their other sister as 'the Brown Girls' but loved as much as any named chicken I have ever owned has been loved.  They are virtually in retirement now, with perhaps two or three  eggs a week laid between them.  It keeps Alan happy.

I was thankful yesterday to find these flowers in Tesco.

There were hundreds of bunches of Mother's Day flowers all being sold off at half price, and at the end of the aisle a few buckets of reduced to clear bouquets.  I picked this one for Alan, he loves bright garish colours totally opposite to the sort of flowers I love but I bought them for him and they are adding a splash of colour to the living room windowsill and drawing our eyes over to the views and the sunshine beyond.

At just £1 ... reduced from £20 to £10 and then down to £1 … they were worth every penny.

I think in the current climate every necessary trip to the supermarket will include alcohol and flowers!

I'm thankful also that merging the Van food with the home in Wales food, plus the few bits that I bought while I was at Tesco filling the car with fuel, has meant a fridge that is looking very healthy indeed.  

The only thing that will send us out on allowable trips for necessary supplies will be milk for Alan's drinks.  I use long-life Almond or Oat milks and not much of them at all, usually only on my Weetabix and a splash in sauces, and of course I can always make some of my own while I have the necessary ingredients.  And thanks to merging Van food with Wales food I currently have six cartons of unsweetened Almond Milk ... which at my usual rate of consumption is at least six weeks worth of milk.

So we should be fine for a couple of weeks at least and it makes me happy to think that we will not be adding any stress to this current situation.

So that's five things to be thankful for without even having to think about it - beautiful weather, washing drying in the fresh air, a healthy happy chicken, a jug of lovely flowers and a fridge full of food.

Life may be strange, but it is good.

Sue xx

I've decided to blog over on Challenging Myself as well during this worldwide challenging time.  Nip on over and follow along for anything foodie  😃


  1. So glad you got home safely, we have brilliant sunshine here in Devon too. I was able to dry all my throws and cushion covers yesterday and what a lovely aroma when they come in from the line. Next on the washing list are the beds and towels. I also have some pretty flowers from Tesco, they were handing them out to NHS workers and collegues on Sunday, which I thought was a very nice thing to do. Helen S.

    1. Oh that is a lovely thing to do, I hope the message is passed onto our Tesco before the flowers go over. xx

  2. Amen to that, washing line dried here as well.

    1. It makes a huge difference to bring it in freshly dried from the line doesn't it. And watching it blow in the sunshine is making me very happy today. xx

  3. Also glad to hear that you are safely home and that the weather is cheering up people today. It is also quite sunny here today so I've got the blinds open and the windows wide open - even though its still quite chilly - about 3C degrees at the moment. It should still be decent weather tomorrow so I think that I will go for a walk then - lots of space around me to walk by myself.
    I am grateful for my apt. (which is getting cleaner by the moment), food in my pantry and money in the bank. I may be a bit bored and getting a wee bit stir crazy but I am far better off than many so nothing to complain about.

  4. My washing is on my newly installed whirly thing today too! It's amazing how happy it makes me feel ;) Your fridge looks very healthy indeed, Sue, mine is about half the size but we can manage for at least 2 weeks to help take the pressure off the system. I have an online shopping trolley ready topped up just in case there should be some delivery slots released within the next 3 weeks. I could always 'click & collect' if I get the opportunity at some point but I'm not stressing about it.
    Love the flowers and what a bargain. It's one of the things I am going to miss once my Mother's day ones have died.
    Stay well Sue x

  5. My feelings exactly Sue - and love the flowers.

  6. Good to hear you are back home safely.
    Lovely flowers, and your fridge is looking really healthy.
    Good to know one of your girls is feeling a bit better, sunshine makes everything better, we should be grateful that we can all enjoy the sunshine, it did say it will get a bit cooler, it gives a frost here tonight and tomorrow night.
    It is a bit eerie out there, well at least it was, I looked out the window earlier and saw a large group of youths, made me so angry, do the parents not listen to the news?

  7. I love to see a line of washing blowing in the wind! Does that make me a bit sad! No washing out here in Scotland today, back to drizzle after a few nice days when the washing was all done and dried. I love being home yet I cannot settle myself to anything very constructive at the moment. I went to Tesco today as I needed some fresh veg and I had to get some things for my mum. It makes me very anxious going shopping now although our local Tesco is very well organised and civilised too. Lets hope this is all behind us soon and normal service can resume. x

  8. The weather has been brilliant still chilly but working up a sweat in the garden. I wont be going to the supermarket for at least 2.5 weeks.

  9. Good to hear your trip was uneventful. Enjoy that sunshine!

  10. Glad to know you are home safely and well stocked, even if it not really where you intended to be.

  11. I like what you said, "Life may be strange but it is good." I totally agree with that. Stay safe.


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