Saturday 7 March 2020

Of Lemons ... and Good Intentions

Most weeks I buy at least one lemon, last week I got a net of five lemons for a good price so that's what I have in the freezer at the moment.

I start each and every day with a slice of lemon straight out of the freezer in a cup of boiling water.  The frozen lemon cools the water down enough to enjoy it straight away, which is a bonus when you're thirsty.

Once the slice is fished out of the cup it goes into a glass and is popped into the fridge, topped up with the tap water that I have in a jug in the fridge, it gives me two or three glasses of slightly lemon flavoured water to drink during the course of the day.  I find if I don't do this then I'm not as good at drinking enough water to make me feel good.

It's so easy to let things like this slip.

And talking of letting things slip ... I used to be so good at doing an exercise routine each day.  

This is my favourite disc, so much so it's starting to crack right through, I'll have to look for a replacement in the charity shops.  I came to the Van without my weights ... ooops ... but I used two tins of butter beans as a temporary if slightly lightweight  replacement.

I meant to get stuck in each and every day this week and I've done two workouts ... not good enough!!  Although I do have two or three doggy walks each day they don't keep you supple the way a good workout does.

I am good at bagging up my lemons though, so some good intentions are being kept  🤭

Sue xx


  1. I like the lemon idea Sue - I don't drink nearly enough and don't care for plain tap water - a dash of lemon may well be the answer for me too.

  2. oat milk or some other replacement dairy milk in a carton will be heavier if you have them in.

  3. I drink lemon and water every morning, have done for about 8 years. If that is Debbie Siebers, I think her videos are on You Tube. I need to start doing something like this myself. Helen S.

  4. I have started to use your lemon trick and love it. It sure makes me drink more water.

    God bless.

  5. I am going to try your lemon trick. Thanks!

  6. How much longer does it make the lemons keep?


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