Tuesday 17 March 2020

You Can Do This!!

Your grandparents were called to war … you're being asked to sit on the couch and watch the television.  You can do this!!  '

These words are from a very popular meme doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment in one guise or another.  It's very true.  All the whinging about isolation is unbelievable, if we're sensible we CAN do this..

The panic buying is also unbelievable, although I do admit to dashing on to Pets at Home for two of our usual bags of dog food after seeing the pet food aisle completely decimated in our local Tesco.  Ginger will be fine he has his usual tuna stash and a big bag of dried Whiskas.

One thing coming out of this Covid-19 madness is a wonderful sense of community.  Whenever there is any sort of catastrophe look for the helpers … they are always there.  Local shops offering home delivery for anyone that is self isolating or already poorly.  Supermarkets opening early with an hour clear for the over 70s to shop first thing while the stores are clean and freshly restocked … I do hope the bus drivers are ignoring the bus-pass time limitations and letting folk on free of charge.

It's weird and not so wonderful out there at the moment, but if the best we can do for ourselves and our communities is to stay at home at watch television, read books, do DIY and clean our homes then lets all do just that and stay safe.

Oh ,  one little drawback for us is that we have no television at the moment due to a fault with our Freesat connection.  We think a squirrel has chewed through our wire … well our dish is at the top of a tree so I'm surprised it's not happened before now …  so we are currently working our way through my massive DVD collection.  

I KNEW it would come in handy one day!!

Sue xx


  1. Very true and shame about Freesat. Mind you, having looked through our tv magazine for next week, there ain’t much on. Glad to hear Alan is on the mend.

  2. I can't stay at home I'm afraid. I work in an NHS lab and we are working harder and longer than ever at the moment.

  3. I'm really happy to be stuck here at home now. Plenty to get on with and my garden should be as tidy as it was years back when I would garden 8 hours several days a week! Worried about our grown up kids who are city-dwellers, but we can just go day by day at the moment.

    This is totally different to a war setting, as it is an invisible enemy. The parameters we have in place for normal germ-surpression are no longer valid. The goal posts have been shifted.

    We are fortunate to live in a small community who already looks out for one another.

    Enjoy your DVDs!

  4. What a fabulous picture of Mavis and Ginger. 🐾🐈

    I nipped out early this morning just to do the usual weekly top of of fresh vegetables. The supermarket was reasonably stocked and the number of staff scanning home deliveries out-numbered the customers, although the staff did look very subdued and tired (and this was at 8am). Hope you both stay safe and well - can you plan to go back to the Van soon or does the house sale stuff necessitate you being in Wales?

    Oh, and how is your Mum doing?

  5. Annoying about the squirrel and the Freesat - you will miss all the daily bulletins!!

  6. I bought an extra two bags of dry Whiskas, all my three cats eat it. Our village community is pulling together. The shop will make deliveries, and the pub will deliver meals. I probably won't need their services, but it's nice to know they are there. I'm finding plenty to watch on youtube.

  7. I just ordered 12 tins of cider... I think I am worth £7 now and then

  8. Oh those squirrels can be a mess! We have a lot of them here and they get into everything but they are funny to watch. I love your picture. All of your babies are so sweet. You and Alan take care!

  9. We’ve just set up a WhatsApp group for our road. There are several households offering to do shopping etc. for anyone who needs assistance, which is great! Pesky squirrels!

  10. Hubby works for one of the large supermarkets, he has just rung me to say he has been asked to stay on for a few hours to continue replenishing the shelves. (He has been in since 4 this afternoon). He has not had a day off for 13 days. He does not mind, especially when he gets nice customers asking is it ok if I take 2 packs of pasta, not the ones then strip the shelves and not leaving anything for anyone else. Also the people that are being unbelievably rude to the staff. However some things are now being rationed to 2 per person so hopefully there will be enough for eveyone. We have checked to-day if our neighbours needed anything. I don't mind staying home I have lots to keep me busy. Hope you get your freesat fixed. Helen S.

  11. I am in the big city helping our youngest son right now. I did go out and buy him groceries, but for the most part have been staying away from people. Not that hard with books to read, sewing to do, and of course knitting.

    God bless.

  12. You are right. Enjoy those DVDs. Cute photo.

  13. What a gorgeous photograph. X


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