Monday 2 March 2020

Van Life 2020

Right let's see if I can get a blog post out.

Up to now this morning I have taken lots of before photos of the outside of the Van, put the Astroturf down on the bare decking ... once I'd hoicked it out from underneath the decking, complete with spiders, slugs etc … took lots of photos of the garden, spruced it up slightly, then took some more of the newly spruced up and Astro-turfed decking and garden and then I fired up the computer while I did a sink full of clothes washing.

I sat down with a coffee, downloaded all the photos, decided to open new folders for this year at the Van, tinkered around with deleting old ones and moving some to last years Van folder … then deleted ALL my newly taken photos by accident off the computer and the camera.

It's not going well is it!!

So I think I'll simply talk you through some of my second batch of photographs and leave it at that for today.  It would seem I have so many plans whizzing around in my head that nothing is going right.  So I am going to slow myself down and simplify things.

The daffodil bulbs we planted last year in the bread bin, showing their pretty little heads again.

I bought this pot full of Primulas from Aldi yesterday and plonked it straight into the square planter I bought from there last year … £2.80s worth of colour.  The funny little round thing is a solar powered light.

I got one of the chairs out of the shed to put on the newly re-laid Astroturf, I had to I couldn't reach any of the garden tools with it in the shed.  

A quick tidy and the garden looks good and not too bare with all the bulbs coming up strongly. 

 There are daffodils dotted here and there as well as tulip bulbs in the tin bath and dotted around and a few little Crocus' on Bella's final resting place by the little stone angel.  The Chives have come back to life, the first food stuff to be growing here this year, there will be much more out there in the next few weeks.

The kitchen is looking messy and I feel I need to simplify it even more.

It's just bitty, bitty and not quite right to my eyes.  Hopefully, this is the year I will get it just as I want it.

The spices which I forgot to pack away have all stayed remarkably dry over the closed season and a quick shake was all they needed to be free flowing again. 

At the moment I am wondering if they are going to stay there or move into the main food cupboard, as I have just discovered a couple of my larger glass storage jars would fit even better in that space … I struggle to reach the two that are furthest away!

The living room is almost back to normal, there's just the multi-sectioned photo frame that leapt off the wall and broke to replace, which goes above the radiator with the others.  Luckily I got the exact same one in the reduced section at Asda, so once I get round to swapping the inner mount no-one will ever know the difference … unless they read this post 😉

The bedroom is almost back to normal, just a few books to unpack, and the little blue quilt for the end of bed to find.

Suky loved being back in her little bedroom bed last night along with her very own hot water bottle.  It sort of makes up for Mavis being away with Dad.

The little spare room still has boxes to unpack and stuff to sort.  When we got here on Friday teatime we just unloaded both cars, got the stuff we needed for the weekend out and then chilled. 

The washing is hanging in the bathroom dripping away and will be moved still on the airer onto the spare bedroom wardrobe door once it has almost dried.

I got this little 'fold flat when not in use' airer from Aldi … those centre aisles have proved brilliant for useful buys for the caravan  😃

And here we are at my currently very messy blogging space on the dining room table.  The lovely floral bag is full of pans that I rescued from the touring caravan when we sold it last year and have yet to put away, everything else is just bitty mess.

It will all get done eventually, I just have to keep telling myself that it doesn't have to get done straight away.

I'll be back in a blogging routine in a couple of days I hope and I might even start a Challenge … but one thing at a time methinks and the first thing to do now that it has just stopped what felt weirdly like an April Shower is go on a little doggy walk with Suky.

Sue xx


  1. Really enjoyed this Sue and can now really imagine where you are. Pug looks happy indeed.

    1. Oh yes, Suky loves her littlest bed :-)

  2. It's lovely to see you back in your comforting and comfortable favourite space Sue. I used to love the first trip of the year in our tourer and miss it so much but I know those days are definitely gone now for us. You will soon have everything organized. I look forward to your posts Sue. Take care, Angie x

  3. How nice to see you back in your special place. I hope you and Suky enjoyed your walk. It will be interesting to see if anything has changed on your walk. Enjoy!

  4. Welcome back 🙂. Sounds like you have given yourself a lot to do, but I’m sure it won’t be long before you and Suky are back in your ‘zone’

  5. Enjoy your walk with Suky, and have a nice evening.

  6. How lovely to see you back there again in your happy space. I'm sure it won't take you long to get it as you want it to be.

  7. Nice to see you back at the Van, so glad it has surrvied our storms well. Helen S.

  8. Ahhh, back in your happy place. You are becoming settled in again very quickly.

    God bless.

  9. Glad to see you’re back in your Van, Sue!


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