Sunday 29 March 2020

Homegrown Food

Here in Wales there's not been that much food grown over the past year or so, so it feels nice and in some ways calming to get myself back to the land and sow some seeds.

Yesterday I tidied up the polytunnel, watered, watered and watered some more the dried out raised beds until I thought they were suitably damp enough for a bit of direct sowing.  Then I sunk my trowel into the soil and found that less than an inch deep they were still absolutely bone dry.  Thankfully the advantage we have now is that all the watering is not coming from our metered water supply but instead from the rainwater tank buried beneath our parking area next to the workshop.  Thank goodness for that!! 

While the beds thirstily drunk up more and more water I checked on the seeds that I sowed before leaving for the Van, whenever that was ... I've lost all track of time ... they have all started to come up.  I started us off with some Kale, Spinach, Beetroot and Courgette seeds thinking that they would come up relative quickly and look good in the polytunnel and net tunnel beds for the viewings that we sort of expected would be happening in the next few weeks, as well as being a good source of nourishment for our chickens ... and us.

When I left the tunnel yesterday afternoon, due to it getting too hot to stay in anymore, I left it with this side fully watered and soaked, the seedlings growing away in the first two covered trays and a row of Spring Onions planted direct into this first bed.

One day soon it will all look green and fresh in here again, just like this photo ...I can't wait.  This photo has reminded me to sow a few Marigold seeds in a tray as well, to bring that glorious splash of colour and  pest preventative properties to the tunnel.

Sue xx


  1. I wasn't going to bother doing any sowing and growing this year, but seeing we are on lock down, I have been busy. Your polytunnel looks really abundant in that photo.

  2. Wow - just look at that. I'm sure it will look just as wonderful; in the next few months.

  3. My greenhouse is much smaller than your polytunnel, but it's heaving. I have also sown marigolds - I started doing them for colour to help attract polinators in to the greenhouse, then found out they have pest-controlling properties.

  4. We were so sorry to leave our last allotment as G has had to begin all over again with the new one. It's difficult only being allowed out for a short time for exercise. He drives to the allotment, uses gloves to unlock and close the gate and can only work for about an hour in order to give everyone a chance to tend to their own plots( all widely spaced out) Heaven knows what will happen to it if we are banned from going out completely. Enjoy your lovely polytunnel, Sue, you will get some fab food again this year. Stay well x

  5. That polytunnel is a joy to behold Sue - and even thinking about it gives you something to look forward to - and by golly we all need that at the moment.

  6. Since moving, I no longer have a greenhouse. So I'm going to get a plastic one. I'm also going to do a lot more vertical gardening. Soil warming ready for sewing.

  7. Something wonderful to look forward to!

  8. I am also looking forward to playing in the dirt. I will be looking for seeds the next time I go shopping.

    God bless.

  9. Oh well done Sue, it is all looking good. Sure you don’t fancy a “new paint job” on those lovely beds?? {grin}

    The fixed beds in my greenhouse are also very dry, but by covering them with staging whilst I am growing on new plants from seed, all the watering which doesn’t go on the seedlings gently brings the beds back to where they need to be.

  10. I love that you catch rain water and oh my gosh, that tunnel. My dream to have one someday. We own our trailer but rent out land so no tunnel yet. But wow, love yours. Very cool.

    Marigolds being sewed here too this year and the wild spring onions, garlic and chives are growing in the woods. They taste amazing.

    Stay safe and happy planting.


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