Friday 27 March 2020

My New Office Space

We used to share the office upstairs in our spare bedroom.  When Alan worked mostly away from home it worked out fine, I had it during the week and he used it at weekends.  Now of course for the past three years he's been working most of his time at home, so he's had to claim the office purely for himself.

I have no problem with this after all I was mostly at the Van for the last two years, so my office was on the table in the kitchen there, easily packed away each evening ... simply fold down the laptop and place things neatly on top.

Now we're both home I tried using breakfast bar in the same way but there's less space and having to pack away for lunch was annoying.  

So ... I have claimed the table!!

Brilliant for blogging on, and for doing my coursework and I can just leave all my things out whenever I want to ... although I am trying to stay neat and tidy.  The temptation of course is to gaze out of the window at our glorious view far more often than I should while the sun is shining as it is, but there's no rush to do anything at the moment so I allow myself moments of relaxation and hillside watching whenever I want to.

A little heads up for anyone that usually gets the Radio Times, as we do, and was wondering ... as I was ... how to carry on getting it.  There is currently an offer in this weeks edition, meaning you can get the next twelve editions delivered to your door like a mini subscription.  It has free postage and packing and you do save slightly on the cover price ... and of course you do not have to leave your house to get each weeks copy.

I used to get a subscription until I started living between two addresses and two countries and needing two different areas editions, yes it got complicated, so I just started buying it each week from the supermarket wherever I was based.  Now that I am trying to avoid the supermarkets for as long as possible I was just starting to wonder what I would do, and this solves that problem nicely.

Order online at -

Just go to the website fill in the details, it literally took me five minutes and you have your next 12 weeks Radio Times on standby.

Although the Radio Times may seem expensive … it's currently £3.50 … it is only one of the two magazines that I now get and I read it cover to cover (except for the radio programmes) and do all the puzzles, so I do still think it's worth it for me.

Did you stand outside or at your window and Clap for the NHS last night at 8pm?

We did, although not even being in a village ... just 20 odd houses dotted all over 3 miles of hillside the only other clapping we could hear was that of our nearest neighbours on the now closed campsite across the road.  They have a little cluster of terraced cottages that are let on long lets, so their little family of four plus a few more hands valiantly clapping away made enough noise to carry up to us.

What most people did on both sides of the valley was to light up their houses with as many lights as possible, and for just a few minutes it was like a magical valley of fairy lights stretching as far as the eye could see.

Sue xx


  1. That looks like a very sensible solution Sue, and one that many families will have needed to work out. Having everyone at home trying to carve out working space must be proving difficult in some households.

  2. Thanks about the Radio Times heads up. Definitely one to do. It's good reading material and it's really nice to have things popping through the door.

  3. Good that you have found your working space.

    It is a nice touching gesture the clapping across the UK. As a health worker here, we know that our work is appreciated, and I notice that more people are taking the time to say thank you and ask us how we are in our daily encounters. There is also a kindness between checking on all of our colleagues, as we are all in this together.

  4. Yes , we were out in our garden clapping as were many others here, some were whooping and cheering it was wonderful ! We are especially grateful to the NHS, they save my son's life on a regular basis due to his epilepsy, sadly the brain surgery he had in September of last year has not worked so he is on the high risk list, the paramedics are brilliant , when he had his last seizure he really messed up his face as he fell to a hard flood from standing, usually they would have taken him in but this time they stayed for 2 hours until he was out of danger and felt confident leaving him under our watchful eye , we cannot praise them enough -- so they got an extra round of applause from us ! Keep safe, well and happy, Chrissie x

  5. We also went out on the front door last night to clap the NHS, we have are so lucky to have it. We are so grateful for the people working in it. When hubby went to our hospital earlier this month for his monthly injection, he was the only person in, he had to be buzzed in as they had cancelled everyone else. Out of interest, what course are you doing. I think it is a good time to learn something new.(If you want to share that is). Helen S.

    1. I'm currently doing the Happy Pear Ultimate Vegan Cooking course. It's a good one for getting down to basics with developing your own recipes and techniques for cooking vegan food.

    2. Your course sounds interesting. I got very emotional hearing all the whoops and claps in the distance. I live in a fairly elderly area but the win brought the sounds across the fields. Wonderful, simply wonderful.

    3. Thanks for that Sue, it sounds interesting, especially developing your own recipes. I have had to develope a lot of my own recipes as there are so many things I can't eat. We have quite a few vegetarian meals in a week. I have just started making my own 3 bean chilli, would love to learn more vegetarian recipes. Helen S.

  6. We are clapping here as well. My small city has been lucky so far, but I am pretty sure this will change in the near future. I rather like the idea of people light ng up their homes.

    God bless.


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