Sunday 8 March 2020

Time, Attention, Honesty, Loyalty and Effort

Sometimes I feel I am being seriously short-changed

And sometimes I just don't give a fuck

But when you start to not give a fuck about the way you are being treated

You start to short-change yourself

And that is bad



  1. That is so true. I once reached the point of "I'm worth more than this.", and did something about it.

  2. Those 5 qualities are the greatest things anyone can give someone.

  3. It's so very sad that these things seem to have declined in everyday life,maybe I'm wrong in thinking I deserve them but certainly there are times when I need them. All of these things should occur naturally in our lives especially from those we hope love and respect us and even more so if we ourselves give them selflessly. I have always been a giver, I gain a lot personally from it and never expect anything back, even gift giving, I take more pleasure in giving, that sounds so cheesey,but it has always been, but now it's the giving of "me", my time, my feelings, my loyalty that is loosing it's "oomph". I am not sure if this is what you mean, but I don't know if I can be bothered sometimes, but then again I cannot change how I feel and who I am and I wouldn't feel happy if I did ,only this week after a long time I let someone really close to me how I felt and I felt so awful afterwards but sometimes we need to stand up for ourselves and this person didn't realise how their behaviour was affecting me, familiarity and complacency had clouded those things that matter to me. So sorry to rant but your post arrived at a time where it means a lot, thank you. Chrissie

  4. My goodness, this rings bells with me, too. For many years I have enjoyed the company and love of family members as I took them on outings in my car, walks with my dog, for days out and meals in cafes and pubs. It was so good to feel the love from happy little children with hugs a-plenty. But now I am old(er) and unable, due to finances and ailments, to drive very far or afford the treats - and I realised with a shock that the only contact I have with them is when transport is needed. I tell you, if I succumb to coronavirus or anything else, I may not be discovered until there remains only a skeleton in my armchair.

    1. It sounds like you've done all you can and more , it doesn't hurt to say a polite" no, I can't help this time," this is now YOUR time, do what makes you happy and let the rest sort itself out. I really hope you don't succumb to anything awful, but if you do, put on your sexiest outfit a bit of lippy and perfume ,call the surgery and ask for a handsome young GP. Take care :)

  5. Wonderful words of wisdom and they are the words we all need to remember.

    God bless.

  6. I'm not sure if unknown is kidding or not but that's one fuck you really don't need to give!! Take care. xx

  7. I'm sorry if someone's doing you wrong. Hold your head up, look them in the eye, say what you need to say and let them watch your dust as you go your own way!

  8. Goodness, I could have written this myself. I have been standing up for myself lately and not taking any crap. I'm far too quick to help people, but get nothing back. I know someone will say you shouldn't expect it ....but that's not true.


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