Saturday 18 February 2023

Six Shops in Eighteen Days, and Weekend Watching

I've just spotted in my diary that I have actually shopped six times in the first half of February.  Just how is the shortest month of the year going to be the month that I shop the most, it's ridiculous!!

The bread and tomatoes were bought on Wednesday ready to be turned into corned beef and tomato sandwiches for Alan and Mum and cheese and tomato for me.  We each had a flapjack from my food stash for dessert.

Total spent - £2.10

The little jar of jam was in my handbag and was what I brought home from the afternoon tea, I wasn't going to waste that nice jam on horribly dry gluten free scones!!

Then yesterday Alan asked if I wanted to go to Aldi with him ... of course I said yes. 😄

I mostly shopped for the Foodbank but the items above went into the trolley for me.  It's funny but ever since we were talking about sausage rolls when we went for the afternoon tea I have been fancying some.  I could of course have made them myself with the ready rolled pastry in my fridge and the Linda McCartney sausages from my freezer ...but I was in Aldi, theirs are some of the best and they are one of the rare items that have never increased in price.  They have been £1.19 for around three years now, so when I spied them in the freezer next to the pizzas I just had to buy a box.

I also decided to buy some sparkling water and fresh orange juice because just the evening before I had been stood looking for something to drink other than coffee, tap water or wine, and I had found nothing.

I did remember to keep the receipt, again it's another very faded one  Is Aldi too poor to buy fresh ink for their tills?

I spent a total of £9.96 on these six items for me, and quite a bit more on the Foodbank ... but that doesn't come out of my challenge budget, hence me not showing the rest of the receipt.

A couple of the YouTube videos that I have enjoyed this week.

Firstly Madeleine Olivia and her ongoing decluttering.  

It's a bit long and there's quite a lot of waffle but some good ideas, and it does spur me on to keep sorting out the nitty gritty of what I have left.  What I am always astounded by though is her talk of all her work tiring her out so much.  

She's an influencer, she films her actual day to day life and occasionally food videos ... and has other people working for her to get these edited and put onto YouTube and various other platforms. I may be being over-critical but we all live our lives and just get on with it.  Spending a portion of nearly every video that she has put out recently, saying how tiring she is finding it all just seems a bit much when she is earning a LOT of money just for filming herself living.  What is clever though, and something I thoroughly approve of, is that this video does seem to be addressing most of the criticism aimed at her on Tattle Life. 

It's a pretty despicable website with people really being keyboard warriors, and being very negative and sometimes extremely nasty about people online or in the media.

Claire's Journey

Now there's a good pantry for storing all your food in one place.

And finally ... a bit of What's for Tea.  

A Scottish lady with an accent that's very different from Alan's, she simply shows us the meals that they've had over the previous week.  She has a huge following of people that love to pick up new meal ideas.  A new meals video comes out every Sunday, a shopping haul on Friday and sometimes there is a recipe video too ... and yes Mince and Tatties is one of Alan's favourite meals.   

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Sue xx


  1. Thanks for the new YouTube suggestions! I know an influencer on Instagram who does the same amount of complaining and then turned into nothing but trying to sell us something every single day. Needless to say, I quit following her. And, as for those hate accounts that are becoming so popular on YT, it's wreaking havoc with some legitimate accounts, who truly just want to share their lives. One lady I've followed for many years, LOVE MEG, quit YT because she was becoming very anxious and it was taking a mental toll on her, to hear all the hatred. What a sad bunch of people, to have nothing better to do than hate on others for a living.

    1. Tattle Life is completely independent of YouTube and covers all aspects of television and media. It started as a way people could discuss anyone that earns a living in the public eye and seems to turn into a really nasty place at times.
      Yes there are a lot of folk who must be very sad or angry in their own lives and seem determined to try and drag everyone else down too.

  2. I particularly enjoy Claire's Journey. She seems such a nice lady, full of common sense, and her ideas are great.

    1. She seems to be a really nice lady for sure. xx

  3. Thanks for sharing those with us. Must try the Mince and Tatties. I really think that is something we would enjoy.

    God bless.

    1. Alan loves it, and I quite like the meat-free version too. :-)

  4. "The little jar of jam was in my handbag", you do make me smile, is nowhere safe from your food stashes?! xxx

    1. Haha ... brilliant. :-)

      Really I don't usually keep food in my bag, but when we had our afternoon tea I didn't want it to go in the doggy bag box with all the cakes and get all sticky ... well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!


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