Monday 18 May 2020

Groundhog Wash Day

Even the dogs look as though they're saying  'you've already washed those Mum'.

I've been putting out the same washing every four days since lockdown began.  Four of my t-shirts and one of Alan's.   It's good that it's been that regular in some ways as it means we've had no rain and excellent drying conditions  ... but it's getting boring.  AND ... my clothes are starting to wear out.  The jeans were already old working jeans and  I've been living in them, well them and the other pair and the other stripey t-shirt that I'm wearing while these clothes dry in the sunshine.

It seems that I have turned  into a blue and whiter stripey lockdown prisoner.  

The only time I put on nice jeans has been when I've ventured out to the supermarket, and I think that's been four or five times since lockdown began, so they haven't need to be washed and are just hanging on the hook on my bedroom wall ready for the next shopping expedition.

Last night I went a bit mad and before I climbed into the bath I fed the jeans I had just taken off to the log burner.  Oh they lit the room up so well as they were engulfed in flames.  Ever the arsonist that's me  🔥

I have totally forgotten to unpack any Summer items up to now and have just been living in my Van uniform of stripey t-shirts.  I did have two lovely new t-shirts that Alan bought me for my birthday, well I bought them and explained away the extravagance by saying they were off him for my birthday, you know how it is ... but they are still hanging in the Van wardrobe unworn awaiting my return.

So today I am in my only other pair of 'scruffy lockdown work jeans' and I have decided to unpack my Summer things and go through them just like I went through the books last week asking the question  'Do I really want to keep this? '  It will be interesting to see if it changes the core of clothes that I have worn and packed away each year for the past few years.  Oh and while I'm doing that I will do the same for any thicker Winter jumpers that I pack away.

I promise not to set fire to anything I am no longer keeping though  😃

Sue xx


  1. I too have been living in a handful of different clothes. I'm bored with it now and have summer clothes to hand but despite the high temperatures today, there is a chill in the light breeze!

  2. Like Frugal above I am awaiting warmer weather for a new set of clothes to come out - I am bored to tears with the ones I am eithr washing or wearing.

  3. Since I have retired, I do tend to wear the same clothes each week. Especially now being at home all of the time, I am lucky I get out of my pajamas! My clothes are boring but I am saving money. :)

  4. I know what you mean, for me its been a rotation of three pairs of joggies except for when I go to the shop, then I put on my jeans. I think even that is only so I can check my weight has not gone up so much that I can't fit in them! I'm definitely getting less active as time goes on. x

  5. Oh get your very best things that you save for special occasions and wear them - you will feel wonderful! I have been wearing clothes that I usually keep for an annual holiday, what's the point of hiding them away in a suitcase for an annual airing?! Should have done it years ago.

    1. Oh don't worry I never save anything for special occasions ... well apart from smart shoes and a funeral dress. The only things that get packed away in turn are the light coloured summer t-shirts and heaviest of Winter jumpers. Everything else is usually worn in my P333 rotation 😃

      I don't do 'best' for anything else.

  6. How satisfying that must have been.
    Because of the weight loss, most of my clothes are pretty young still but, right now, it's mostly jeans and T shorts with a jumper or cardi on top for warmth, if needed. There's not much point getting dressed up much and mostly it's not practical either.
    It'll be nice when I do.

  7. Good on you Sue. I have a lot of clothes, but live in my now winter uniform. Jeans, a tshirt and cardigan and now jacket. A few nice tops for going out, but usually the same clothes every day.

  8. I can so relate to the photo of your washing line! I don't see the point in wearing any of my decent clothes when I'm stuck indoors most of the time. I'm wearing my one pair of joggers (or shorts on a warmer day) with around 5 different t shirts to ring the changes. My jeans come out when I have to go for a walk or to the Doctor's


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