Friday 1 May 2020

Leap Before You Look

I usually exit a situation before it gets ridiculously painful

I'm the queen of the sharp exit

The fast turnaround

The leap before you look school of life

It has served me well

And kept me sane

Being a prisoner of a situation

Is the hardest thing for me to deal with

At the moment I am also a prisoner of my own thoughts

There are no plans

Just a need

To change.


  1. Great meme, very appropriate for me in my current situation. x

    1. It's a time for reflection for many. I feel a lot of decisions will be made. You must do what is best for your own mental health Sue. As far as I know you only get one life!

  2. I think lockdown has given lots of people time to evaluate their lives. Whether it be relationship problems coming to a head, or buying a new home, or doing something you've always said you'd do. Some people will come out of lockdown a completely different person to the one that entered it.

  3. I completely understand this. There has been many times when I have 'just gone'.

  4. Like others I think many people will change when all this is over. Really none of us will be exactly the same as we were before this happened.

    God bless.


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