Friday 22 May 2020

Lockdown Madness - Just Me x 7

It's rare for me to take a photo of myself, I'm not a 'selfie' type of girl.  But yesterday I took a photo of myself with my newly 'returned to natural colour' hair so I could see me as others see me.  Blonde with dark roots only works for so long and if I'd dyed it again the ends would have been in bad condition.  Usually by keeping my hair super short I can just lather on the dye whenever I want knowing the ends will be chopped off six weeks down the line and no damage will be done.  

Not for me the sitting in the hairdressers chair having my roots touched up, I couldn't stand the faff.  During these lockdown days I'm also glad that my home trimmed short cut nails are just the same and there are no fake eyelashes dropping off left right and centre.

I have online friends currently battling loss of Botox, fading eyebrows, nails growing out with the stick on thingies looking very weird ... and hair extensions going completely to pot.  And do you know some of them are starting to realise that the 'real' them is just as valid as the beautified version they used to show to the world.  Oh how much money they would save themselves if they didn't go running straight back for repair work when that finally is allowed.

Of course once I had a photo of me on my phone I started to play around on FaceApp and just look at the results.

Cool Old Me
Smiles Me
and Male Me.

Now Male Me will have my Mum in stitches, I look just like a younger version of my brother ... but with more hair!!

I also had a go at Hollywood Me and Cool Style Me.

It might be nice to be Hollywood Me for a while, but would lippy in the polytunnel impress the plants ... I don't think so.  Meanwhile Alan is quite enamoured at the Cool Style Me picture!!

I HATE having my photo taken, I'm okay if it's casual and happy but the minute someone says 'can I take your photo' I'm like a deer caught in the headlights, suddenly not knowing what to do with my mouth, my face, my arms etc etc.   I'll most likely be pictured on my funeral card thingy still hiding behind a cabbage!!

 So me putting this lot up shows a certain level of lockdown madness creeping in methinks!!

Sue xx


  1. Agree with above - the real you does look like the real you. I am the same with hairdresser and colour - don't think I shall bother if we ever do get back to normal.

  2. I'm with you on having my photo taken. I hate it with a passion. If I see a camera I am gone, suddenly dissapeared. If it is in the house, I leave the room of hide behind a pillow.
    I have overheard a conversation in Tesco carpark since lockdown, all the two women could complain about was not being able to have their, hair, nails, eyebrows and lashes etc done, I couldn't be bothered my-self, hubby cuts my hair or mother-in-law. Oh and they couldn't go shopping for their summer wardrobe! That was in week 2, I wonder what they look like now. Helen S.

  3. Love this post - and your hair looks great!
    I'm lucky in that I decided to stop colouring and to let my very short hair grow out just over a year ago. It hit all one length on the haircut about 3 weeks before lockdown. This means that all I've had to do is trim my bangs - order some really big rollers from Amazon and I'm set.
    Since I wear a mask when I leave my apt. (I live in a very large city and use public transit) I no longer bother with lipstick but do use a bit of eye makeup if I'm going to the shops or a very occasional trip to the office - makes me feel better - day to day I don't bother.
    I keep my nails short and only treat myself to a manicure maybe twice a year so not an issue. i usually have my feet treated at the foot clinic at my doctor's office - they do everything except paint my nails at about a third of the cost of a pedicure. I then paint them myself. I could do with a visit when they reopen as my feet aren't in the best shape but again, won't be rushing out to have this done.
    I also hate getting my picture taking - I blame it on childhood trauma. :-) My dad loved his cameras and we were always having to pose for one thing or another. I have never taken a selfie and hope to never do it!

  4. What fun, that did make me smile.I am another camera shy lady, I cut my own hair again yesterday and tried to take a photograph to send to my friend but it was so scary, I now feel like putting paper bag over my head ! I also do my own nails, don't colour my hair but I do like a little mascara and lippy just to reduce the horror factor, I seem to have grown into my face as I have grown older ,the rest of me is totally out of control , no more bikini knickers and underwire bras, thank goodness for sloggis , cross your hearts lift and groan under the strain bras and tennas, can you imagine trying to fit one of those in a g- string !!!!!

  5. Wow, in all the years reading, I don't think I've ever seen your full face. You look lovely and you are right about the "real you" being best. Enjoy the weekend.

  6. Seems a lot of us hate having our photos taken. You look pretty good in all the photo versions--even the male one--lol. Like you, happy that I never got into things like hair colouring, manicured nails, eyebrow appts, botox, facials, etc., etc., etc.. You're far braver (and more skilled) than me with a pair of scissors, so I do need a haircut and have one scheduled for June 3--will be 14 weeks since the last one. Hair is relatively short but about 6cm+ longer than usual and curling in unbecoming ways, so definitely needs shaping. Just allowing hair appointment here (US). My hairdresser has a salon in her home with a separate entrance and on a separate floor from her family. Only one client at a time. Given my age, I'll be wearing a mask.

  7. Love those variations on a theme, and you look fine without all the botox, weird false nails and hair extensions! So much easier not to bother...........and think of all the money we have spare to spend on books instead. :-)

  8. The real you looks just fine, Sue. Another one who hates having their photo taken here. I have cut my hair once in lockdown, just a light trim. It needs another go, but am reluctant to do any more.

  9. I like the 'Cool Style Me' too! Didn't even know you could do all that.

  10. The real you looks great. Count me in as another who hates having her picture taken with a passion. No manis, pedis, Botox, etc. for this gal. I'm badly in need of a haircut though. Our state, here in the USA, is slowly opening back up so hopefully my hairdresser will be available in the next week or two.

  11. Oh what Fun that App was, I do like your Natural Hair. Your Glam Look was very Jamie Lee Curtis I think!

  12. Those apps are fun but I like the real you! There is much to be said for natural beauty.

  13. I was reading about beautician operating black market style. Some had been offered so much money to perform botox, fillers, nails, etc they'd taken it. Some hairdressers have apparently opened. The app looks fun, I'll have to give it a go but oh natural does look best.

  14. Before lockdown I always wore blusher and mascara if I was going out anywhere, I think I look 'tired' without it, however as lockdown has progressed I've given up on it. My hair is growing longer, it was au natural already thank goodness but I let hubby cut a bit off the back as it was getting a bit mullet looking. I'm way too lazy for all the faff the young ones go through and the thing they don't seem to understand is they are looking the best they ever will - its once you get really lived in looking you should probably bother more, if you could be bothered, I can't! x

  15. I love your hair and you look younger!! I hate my photo taken as I don't know the old lady in the picture!! LOL

    1. I keep telling everyone '60 is the new 40' 🤣🤣

  16. I think your natural hair colour is lovely! I cannot lie, I’m looking forward to going to the hairdresser, at some point, for a tidy up. But that is as far as it goes, I’m so glad I’ve been my natural silver grey for over a year now. I can’t be doing with having nails done etc.
    The FaceApp looks a lot of fun. Will I be brave enough to have a go?


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