Monday 11 May 2020

Talk About Confusing ...

Talk about confusing.  Boris' little Address to the Nation just served to confuse everyone all the more.

There are photos all over social media this morning of busy roads, full buses, underground trains etc etc.   Everyone dashing back to work to workplaces not ready for them yet.  It's a bit late to announce  'No, no we meant on Wednesday'  when everyone had already gone to bed and set their alarm clocks ready for a working day.

In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland it seems to be Stay at Home as usual, something which the majority of the population are happy to do.

And the BIG message the Welsh Government are trying to push today they have been saying for weeks ... is that WALES IS CLOSED, you cannot drive here to do any form of exercise so don't bother.  The minute you cross the border you are under Welsh rules, which clearly state that you cannot drive to anywhere to begin exercise.

Just me doing my bit to clarify things  😁

Sue xx


  1. I've been reading all the comments from UK people this morning - can't blame you for being confused - to me the UK response has been very confusing all along!

    Canada is just starting to ease up the lockdown we've been in for two months and it is being done Province by Province. With us being such a huge country and with large urban centres followed by vast swaths of rural areas it is really the only way to do it sensibly.

    My province, Ontario, is taking a slower approach than most especially in Toronto - and for that I am very happy. The rules have been clear and repeated endlessly so there is no excuse here for saying that "you didn't know or that you were confused". Also, our border has been closed for well over a month - and will remain closed until at least the end of May. Only truckers with needed goods go back and forth between us and the US and only Canadians returning home allowed in - and they MUST go into a mandated quarantine for 14 days - if they don't have a plan in place when they arrive then they must go to govt. designated hotels for the duration - can't believe the UK is only just starting to do this!

    1. The quarantine will no doubt be flim flam as well, self imposed and people will ignore it.

  2. I am so angry. I was a Civil Servant for many years.i would have directives sent to me. I would read them 5 times and each time I could interpret it a different way. I always went back and asked for clarity so I wasn't hung out to dry if something went wrong.

  3. I feel, as I have done from the start, that it would rather nice to go to sleep and not wake up until this time next year - but wouldn't it be awful if nothing had changed when I awoke.

  4. I had my eye on a South Wales holiday, but I will have to wait for that.

  5. Damn mess all around. It’s as though the last few weeks was a waste of time. Poor police and NHS.

  6. Imagine the US with 50 states. 50 different set of rules (not to mention different interpretations within the states)...and then some states dealing with armed and unarmed conspiracy theorists pressing to open places where governors fight valiantly to keep people safe while fighting off lawsuits to make them open up businesses. Not to mentioned the orange idiot. No stopping anyone at any border of any state. The land of the Free, right?

    Sigh. Staying home.

    Happy to see Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland ignoring the bolloxed messaging and going their own way.

  7. It is all so confusing, it almost seems to be that he felt that he was expected to say something and struggled to know what to say so out came this! I have an adult son with Aspergers who is finding this situation so, so hard and watches the news every hour as he feels he has to do everything exactly right ,according to rules now he doesn't know what to do so we as a family are carrying on sticking to the old rules as I have another son very high risk. So basically I have formed our own little government, my middle name is Doris so it's Doris's rules not Boris's.These last weeks count for something ,the NHS staff and Police must be exasperated !

  8. After his experience with this virus, you would think he'd be a bit wiser...

  9. Thankful to work at home for an online school .. no need to figure out what is being said by authorities who are just as confused as those they lead.

  10. I think this is all financially led, we will continue to stay at home, except when we HAVE to go out. I wouldn't trust this lot with a bowl of goldfish. I think the people that acctually know, medical staff working in ICU departments, have predicted an increase in cases in about 14 days. I feel so sorry for the Doctors, Nurses, Police etc. Helen S.

  11. Oh my, that is confusing to say the least. Like Margie says things are opening up slowly here in Canada. In fact there are two areas of my province Saskatchewan that will still be under the stricter rules we followed for the previous 2 or so months.

    We are told to still practice social distancing, and even the places that Saskatchewan lifted off lockdown still are not open as they are trying to find ways to safe guard both the employees and the customers. I just hope they continue to do things slowly and carefully. The entire border is shut other than for essential workers between Canada and the US. I am not sure at all on when it will open up as the US is a pandemic nightmare right now.

    God bless.

  12. It does seem that you are getting conflicting messages there.

    We are getting back to normal more on Thursday with our cinemas, shops, hairdressers, restaurants, cafes and libraries opening up. Schools will be ready on Monday. It will be hard to social distance on the buses though.

  13. I watched it and thought 'confused? You will be!'. I'm still sad that Wales is closed as we generally spend so much time there and of course I miss my brother and sis-in-law. Needs must however and we must all act for the greater good. To be honest I'm so bloody exhausted with work that I could do with a lovely Welsh holiday once I'm allowed and can get time off.


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