Monday 25 May 2020

When in doubt make jam ...

I was rummaging in the big chest freezer in the workshop the other day and spotted a large plastic box of blackberries, picked from our hillside a couple of years ago by Alan.  The box was labelled 'For Wine Making' ... but as he's sold all his winemaking gear I thought  'I'm having those'.

I left them to thaw out overnight in the fridge, and then the next day I had them sat on top of the Aga still in their box for a couple of hours to warm up a bit and then I got them simmering away covered in water.  A few hours of dripping through a jelly bag and I had two pints of blackberry juice to make some Bramble jelly with.

Just the blackberry liquid and a bag of jam  sugar brought to the boil together and then boiled away for fifteen minutes, and I had six jars of Bramble Jelly.

To add to the rather large stash in the Jam Cupboard.

I'd forgotten all about this box of orange marmalade until I came across it when I was looking for empty jars.  Then I remembered making up all the tins of jam mix that I had had in the cupboards ready for moving house.  At this rate we'll have all the jam and marmalade eaten before we move house  🤣


Sue xx


  1. Cor...lovely jams and marmalade! It's something I haven't tried to make for years. I'd eat far too much of it!

  2. How lovely - there's nothing quite like home made jam.

  3. We ate the last of our marmalade that I made to give for Christmas presents. Have got everything I need so must make some soon.

  4. I think you are OK for jam and marmalade for a week or 3

  5. I must get a jelly bag. I love BlackBerry jam but hate the pips. You've got a fantastic stash. It won't be long before you sell, the market is waking up and Boris announcements next week will probably mean more lifting of restrictions.

    1. Hopefully, but don't forget we are in North Wales which is running at least two weeks behind England. We are still under complete lockdown here.


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