Tuesday, 21 July 2020

From So Much to So Little

It's kind of ironic that after the tidying of the cupboards and the realisation that I have enough food on board my Van to keep me going through a siege (as long as I don't develop a hatred of chickpeas and tinned tomatoes),  that yesterday I had the Ration Challenge on my mind.

I have had a couple of emails asking if I will take part in this years Ration Challenge, raising money for refugees by living on the same rations that they have to live on in the camps.  This year it is starting later 13th - 19th September, due to Covid-19 ... but because of this it is even more important that it still goes ahead.

You could even sign up and do it yourself  😃

I've thrown it open to my readers over on my Challenge blog as to whether I should do it again this year.  Is an action replay of a previous Challenge worth reading about.

I guess for something as worthy as this the answer for most would be yes.

But why not nip on over and add your opinion.

Sue xx

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  1. Sounds interesting, we eat reduced calorie and slimming world, so this might suit us..We love tinned Spicy Mackerel with salad and do eat pulses, but I don't know if I could commit to it.


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