Wednesday 29 July 2020

Meanwhile ...Over on the Other Blog

I've been a little bit missing from this blog ... had you noticed 😃

I've been a little bit pre-occupied with selling things on Facebook Marketplace back here in Wales, and pocketing some nice little amounts of cash, and I've also joined and have been gearing up for the Ration Challenge, which I am  once again taking part in this year.

I am documenting it over on my other blog - Challenging Myself - if you would like to have a peek at what I'm up to.

Most things about the Challenge are over on the other blog, but I just thought I would show you that I have climbed the Earned Awards ladder and have now earned myself 170g of a vegetable.  Now this will make absolutely no sense whatsoever to you unless you also read my other blog or are taking part in the Challenge for yourself when it goes live on 13th September.  The run up to the Challenge is all about fundraising for Concern Worldwide and raising money to help feed Syrian refugees and send aid to other areas where it is so desperately needed.

I won't go on about this too much on this blog, but I just thought I would let you know that when I go missing off here for any length of time ... that this is the reason why.

Why the photo of my two lovely furry companions at the top of the post?

Well one girl on Facebook had the genius idea of having a little virtual Pet Show and if we all donated £2 to her fundraising page we could enter a photo of our pets.  The winner wins a £5 donation to their fundraising page ... it's all in a very good cause so this was my entry  😃

Sue xx


  1. Facebook is such a good way of selling stuff. I know you get time wasters but after a given pick up slot you just repost your things. NO fees, Kerching! Your fur babies are so obliging when you take photos. I'm sure you'll do well on your challenge.

    1. Oh I have a LOT of bad shots of them, but if I catch them unawares they are pretty photogenic. Thank goodness for digital cameras ... imagine having to send the amount of photos we take these days off to Truprint!!

      My Challenge pack has literally just this minute arrived in the post, so it suddenly feels very real, even if it is over a month away. So there is lots of time for me to practice things this year and do a few experiments :-)

  2. Thank you :-)

    Facebook Marketplace is a good way to sell. There's been a few people asking us to post stuff to them ... we said no, they were either too big or too heavy ... but the majority have been obliging and called to pick things up.

  3. Look at those two little helpers! They're so cute.
    I'm glad you're shifting your stuff and finding new homes for it, it must feel really good to see the cash piling up and the space appearing.
    What a wonderful challenge, I'm off to read more about it. xxx

  4. Lovely photos and that's a very clever idea.

  5. I shall go over and read about it all.

  6. Good luck on your challenge! I'm sure you will do very well and help others in the process. I always love pictures of your babies!

  7. Lovely photo of your fur babies. Congratulations on getting to the next level.

    God bless.


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