Saturday 11 July 2020

Grey Weather

It's been mostly grey weather since I arrived here at the caravan park last weekend.

What should be fresh early Summer weather has instead felt like Autumn September days.  The skies, apart from the few hours of sunshine on Monday when I gardened like mad to make the most of it, have been grey and overcast and the nights wild, cold and wet.

The  river has been high and fast flowing, and watching it rush past so quickly can make you start to feel dizzy.  But I do love being on the riverbank in the mornings.  

Seeing how the rain of the previous night has made the level rise or fall, listening to the water and breathing in the damp freshness of the riverbank itself and then the salty, sandy smell of the little pebbly beach that we have half way along the river behind the grassy banks.

It's a good way to start the day, especially with an appreciative Pug at my feet.

There's more colour in the fridge than outside at the moment.  

This little shelf with the mixed aroma of Spring Onions, Easy Peelers and the salad in the salad drawer makes the fridge seem a happier and far more Summery place than the one outside the Van door.

Sue xx


  1. We were very spoiled with the all the good weather earlier on this year and thank goodness for it during lockdown. I'm hoping for some nice settled dry days, not necessarily hot though! We could do with a bit less rain for a wee while now, the slugs are taking over the world here!! Have a good weekend. x

  2. It is more or less the same here in the Yorkshire Dales Sue - and certainly chilly at night. More sun promised for this week end but not so far.

  3. Wet and wild here too over the last few days but I have enjoyed being cooler and the rain has really perked up both the garden and the allotment. I wish we had a bit of beach to walk on though, I do envy you having that as well as a river to walk by. Seeing your spring onions has just reminded me that we have some ready to pull at the allotment. G has just left me in peace to go there and do some weeding...yay!.. and I've given him a bag to remind him to bring some onions back for our salad tea :) Have a great weekend Sue x

  4. We'll be trying our first ever home grown spring onions this evening, mixed into some cous cous with other sesonal veg. I'm normally too stingy to buy them, using ordinary onions instead, you can get a whole bag of small onions for the price of spring onions. Which I'm sure you know Sue. The weather has been chilly in the peak district too, but trying only to put the log burner on when needed rather than the central heating. God I'm stingy.

  5. I actually envy you your current weather - we are on two weeks and counting with temps above 30C - with some days feeling like 40C with the humidity! We had a tremendous thunderstorm on Thursday afternoon and another one last night - lots of thunder and lightening and high winds - they are checking again to see if some areas actually did get a small tornado or two! Lots of trees down in the city with a few power cuts! I'm exhausted with the heat.
    The only thing we have in common is the fact that it's to be dull and grey with more storms all weekend - but temps still around 30C.

    I too live near a river and the water has overflowed its banks with all this rain - no danger - the surrounding land is parkland specifically designated and flood control. If you are walking your dog you do need to stay away from the edges and two kayakers had to be rescued last Thursday when they capsized and got stuck on top of a weir - if they had come off the stone lip of the weir they could well have been sucked under - what the heck they were doing up at that end of the river is beyond me - kayakers and those in a canoe are supposed to keep to the south end where its an open and clear run to the lake!
    Enjoy your walks.

  6. We had an hour of steady rain the other afternoon but nothing since.Its the wind that's been so prevalent this year that's really been annoying. The evenings have also been remarkably cool for this time of year.

  7. That water is moving fast! I would love to walk along the river too, even on a cloudy day. Maybe the weather is just giving you time to get settled in at your van and the sun will return soon. Friends I have spoken with in your country have all talked of a much cooler summer this year. I wonder if you will have a warmer Fall? We started out with cooler days but quickly went into a quite hot summer with every day in the 90s F. It is good book reading weather there at least. Enjoy your weekend Sue!

  8. We were in Llandudno today.A lot quieter than usual.We parked on West Shore and can you believe they had fenced the toilets off.Very few people about.We drove down Mostyn Street(the Main Street) and there were parking spaces free.Never seen that before.

  9. Moving water is so hypnotising, almost, and how lovely to see the river in all its moods every day.


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