Sunday 5 July 2020

A Good Day

Simplicity and sunshine

Fresh starts and hope

With a hug from a Pug

I'm having a good day.



  1. Nothing like a hug from a pug - still miss Algy and I have had two dogs since then.

  2. Pleased you are having a good day and thank you for the pug hug!

  3. That's good to hear.

    Many viewings yet? We have an Outside Viewing on Tuesday (glad about that a both Shielding here and an Inside One would be scary!).

  4. Mine was very good yesterday and I'm looking forward to today, sun's shining and I'm breathing, what more could I want!!

  5. A lovely hug from your pug who could wish for more. So pleased you are feeling brighter.

  6. Enjoy the warmth of a pug-hug and the embrace of the sun.

  7. So glad you are having a good day Sue and hope you are looking forward to your new adventures.


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