Wednesday 23 February 2022

So Many Storms, So Many Names

  • Wow, there' s  been so many storms over the past week or so and I am struggling to keep up with the names, seemingly the next one is Gladys, sounds such a lovely innocuous name doesn't it, but is she going to be as crochety as her friend Eunice I wonder?
  • I looked up the names of future UK storms and they are already listed at the Met office and awaiting usage.  They are alphabetical and alternate between male and female, and they are chosen from submissions put forward by us.  So if you had a windy old grandad you could volunteer his name for next years submissions.

  • Arwen
  • Barra
  • Corrie
  • Dudley
  • Eunice
  • Franklin
  • Gladys
  • Herman
  • Imani
  • Jack
  • Kim
  • Logan
  • Méabh
  • Nasim
  • Olwen
  • Pól
  • Ruby
  • Seán
  • Tineke
  • Vergil
  • Willemien

  •  Fascinating, well I found it fascinating anyway.
Why the photo of my kitchen at the top I hear you ask, well that's where I'm staying at the moment ...  in the warm, with the radio on,  making my breakfast while the wind blows outside and various objects seem to be blowing past the slightly opaque glass.

Sue xx


  1. I was interested to discover yesterday that the names are chosen by our Met Office along with those from Ireland and the Netherlands. Which explains Meabh and Tineke. Gladys was my grandmother's name

  2. Hope we dont get to use many more of those this year!
    I shall have to look on the Met Office site to see when Gladys is due - perhaps not here

  3. I think we should stop at Gladys for this year - seems a convenient place to me. Love that rug on your floor.

  4. It's lovely here right now - a gentle breeze and sunshine. I hope it stays that way!

  5. Gladys can stay put, as far as I'm concerned! I want to get on out in the garden again and go for a walk without getting blown away or drenched!

  6. I reckon we've had quite enough storms now.....3 in less than a week is a bit excessive! I've got a tulip flowering in the garden, remarkably early!

  7. Heck, I hope we don't get to use all of those names this year. Indoors is the place to be here too. The sun is shining but it's still very cold and windy which is why I'm blog hopping with a cup of coffee at my elbow ;)

  8. The way it's going, you're going to run through these names in a hurry. Seems like you're having 2 or 3 a week. MAKE IT STOPPPPPPP!!!!!!

  9. I hope you have some respite soon. We get a lot of storms here but today is very mild. Stay warm and hydrated. That will help the aches and pains.

  10. Yikes. Keep the curtains drawn. Hope things calm down. I'm heading over the Pond in a couple of weeks and would just as soon my plane not be featured on Big Jet TV. :)

  11. I love that rug Sue. Could I ask where you’ve had it from please? Thanks Julie

  12. England has certainly had more than its share of damaging storms this year. Here's hoping Gladys will not be so unkind as the others.
    What a pretty kitchen you have. A nice place for safe harbouring.


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