Saturday 19 February 2022

What a Lot of Weather!!

Warm soup on a cold, cold day just what is needed.

 But rather weirdly I'm just not in a soup mood much recently, so the last two portions of this weeks Vegetable Soup have been put into tubs and popped into the freezer, which luckily due to me eating a few meals from it over the course of this last week finally has some space for homemade things to go in.

We have thick snow falling outside at the moment, but I really don't think it will stick for long as the huge flakes dissolve so quickly if you catch one, and also the air temperature seems much warmer than the last few days.  Mavis doesn't like the snow at all, and after dashing out to go into Alan's patio doors on seeing them shut she immediately tippy-toed back into mine and settled herself back in bed.

I hate seeing huge old trees being uprooted and crashing to the ground, but I was especially sad to read on Facebook via my sons girlfriend that a gundogs kennels have suffered the loss of 13 of their dogs.  They were electrocuted when their kennel runs were electrified after being hit by a power line that was brought down by a falling tree.  Two Cockers and eleven black Labradors lost their lives so sad.

So much sadness, but also so much bravery being shown by so many people during all this bad weather ... and as for the three idiots that wanted to go in the sea for a swim and had to be ordered out by the Coastguard ... words fail me!!

I hope all my blogging buddies and readers are staying safe. 💗

Sue xx


  1. So much sadness about at the moment - everywhere there seems doom and gloom. The loss of trees is particularly upsetting as they take so long to grow. Awful about those poor dogs too. We are having soup for lunch - it is cold and snowing here in West Yorkshire, but at least no wind.

  2. For once we seem have to escaped the worst of the weather. It's been a bit windy and we've had snow but that's typical Scottish Winter weather! I read about those poor dogs, how awful. It seems trees coming down are such a risk to human and animal life :-(

  3. What a horrible story! I've been reading about the storms. Dudley and Eunice really wreaked havoc. I'm really hoping there is not an 'f' storm waiting in the wings.

  4. Poor dogs, hadn’t seen that.

  5. Yes, I read about the dogs - very sad! Things like that play on my mind for days.

  6. It sounds like you have had some very nasty weather. How horrible about the dogs.

    God bless.

  7. Oh those poor dogs, it's awful. Yes, the wind has wreaked havoc in many places. We've been lucky this time but I did fancy a bit of snowfall. We didn't get any, just sleety rain this morning. Mavis had the right idea... Back to bed 😁

  8. I saw about those poor dogs and grieved for them and for the people looking after them. Such a tragic thing to happen.
    We had some sleet for about five minutes here on Friday, but no snow - it was the wind that caused the problems. I was lucky to get away damage free.
    I was thinking of you and hoping you were OK.
    And those swimmers - what total plonkers!

  9. I've been hearing a lot about your bad weather and hoping you and Alan were safe. That is heartbreaking to hear about the dogs that died! I do hope the weather improves for you all!


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