Thursday 10 March 2022

Shopping for 54p ... and Donating via Nectar

I thought I went out in a 'stock up the cupboards' mood, but it seems as though I find it hard to buy more than I actually need at the moment.  I did manage to get two each of almond milk, tinned potatoes and the various purees that I use, some vegetable stock pots and a bag of penne pasta, all of which have long dates on them.

I also needed a couple of birthday cards for my Mum.

At the checkout I remembered my Nectar points and decided to pay for the shopping with some of them, making this a 54p spend.

I picked up a selection of the free magazines on the way out, I don't usually bother  but there were stacks and stacks of them.

On the way home I called to Booths to pick up this weeks cardholder free gift, a tiny little chocolate bar.  It usually retails at £1.30 which at first I thought was ridiculous ... but it is gorgeous chocolate and I actually think I would buy this again as a very special treat.

When I got home my phone pinged and I had an email from Nectar saying that you can now donate your Nectar points to Ukraine via the Comic Relief charity, so I checked how many I had left and sent as many of them as I could ... you can only use them in multiples of £2.50 ... off straight away.

I am still thinking about the future of this Challenge but as you can see from my purchases I do think it's over and my blog will revert to day to day life, with budgeting, food and growing here at Lavender Lodge.  Thank you so much for all the comments yesterday, reading each and every one got me thinking so they were really helpful.  Thank you.

Sue xx


  1. Great stock up shop and well done on the donation. I personally hope you continue with your challenge. X

  2. Hi Sue, Thanks for the info about Nectar card points. You can also donate 200 points which = £1 so I was able to donate £4. Not much I know, but I won't miss the points, and if everyone with a Nectar card does this it would add up to a lot.

  3. I am sure that you will make the right choice for you - it is a very unsettling time at the moment and could be for some weeks / months to come - no matter what your decision I am sure you will be well supported by the blog community.
    I managed a trip to Booths as we passed Penrith yesterday and I too picked up the little bar of salted caramel chocolate - have not tried it yet though - as it is quite small I might even save it to drop into someone's birthday card as an extra treat - I sometimes add in a scratch card or hebal teabags but the choclate bar would work just as well. I also noticed the Nectar point donation email so there are in fact many possible ways everyone can help in some way.

  4. Were the free mags from Sainsburys? I didn't realise they did any, must have a look next time I go in. Good idea of theirs about donating Nectar points to Ukraine.

  5. That's still a very inspiring shop. And a bargain price too! I didn't know about donating Nectar points, Sue, so thank you for the heads up on that. I had an email from M & S to say that they are opening donations at the till points where you can choose to add on a donation of £1 (or not) as you pay for your shopping, which is a jolly good idea I think.
    I'm carrying on with trying to save a little from our monthly food budget for now as it's the only place we have 'wriggle room' for putting a little aside. We still need to create a small emergency fund and live within our means, cutting spending on non-essentials.
    I look forward to your regular posts with money saving tips, Sue, because you inspire so many people (like me!) to do better. We are intending to grow more of what we, and the family, eat most at the allotment but using some of last year's seed instead of buying new packets.

  6. I wish my shopping cost 54p! I just bought 5.00 of fresh tofu off the tofu man, all marinated and looking yummy. When I was in my local combini they were asking if you would like to round your shopping up to help the Ukraine crisis so that’s what I did. Well a few times actually. I just wish I could do more. Mums just really upset and lost at the moment. She contacted the embassy in london but they are overwhelmed with calls.
    Her and my dad are going to london tomorrow to try and get some answers. Love free mags, I’m always picking them up. Love and huggs Alison

  7. Thanks for the heads up on donating Nectar points. I hadn't used mine since Dec21 so I had a nice amount to donate <3 xxx

    1. That should be December 2020, can't count!!!

  8. What a great idea to donate the points. I must see if we have something similar here.

    God bless.

  9. I don't think I have ever commented before but I find your blog inspiring so please keep posting. I'm in New Zealand and on a pension so I need all the inspiration I can get!


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