Friday 11 March 2022

Me, Musings and Memes

I'm taking a couple of days to reset, to rethink and rebuild.

I also ... in a moment of madness and/or clarity ... booked us another smaller holiday for later this year.  I think it's time to look after ourselves in any way we can, while at the same time thinking how our lives impact on those around us and what we can do to help ourselves and others.

My first task in helping my own mental health was to make the decision that I must try to remember that everything is not black and white, and I should not get bogged down with this or that ... it could just be that the maybes and might be's are more than enough.  Perhaps I work best in the shades of delicious grey that inhabit the spaces in-between.

You'll get some memes that resonate with me at the moment over the weekend while I calm myself, nurture myself and relax.  But first I have to find some house-sitters for two holidays now ... oh well there's a task and a half for this afternoon.


Sue xx


  1. Tough times and I think we are all deep in thought - not a bad thing to take stock and refresh, we seem to be doing that in the caravan at our cottage as we feel quite unmotivated to do very much at the moment other than make soup, have endless discussions about what we might do or could do..... and keep warm. Hope you will discover a way forward for yourself and have a nice relaxing weekend.x

  2. It's a great idea to be kind to yourself, Sue, and well done on booking another break. We LOVE Warner Hotels and have been to every single one over the years since the late 1980's. Unfortunately, G can no longer drive more than about 30 minutes or more pain sets in so we can no longer go.
    Good luck finding house sitters :)

  3. Yes, rethink and recharge, Sue, it'll do you good. Long term pain (and you've certainly had that, in spades) is so debilitating and demoralising, let alone what's going on in Ukraine and the knock on effect on prices here. We're all so fortunate here. My lovely friend and husband had a Warner Brothers hotel break last month, we went and visited them there (in Devon) and it was absolutely lovely, so I'm sure you and Alan will have a wonderful time on your break. Everyone needs some joy in their lives, in whatever way we can find it. xx

  4. That is a touching meme that you posted. I always felt lacking growing up - not pretty enough, not cool enough, too tall, too flat, etc. etc. Now that I am old, I can admit that I don't much care about such things anymore. I am divorced and happy about that. No need to date, or fuss with my looks. I can just be plain, old me and it's okay.

  5. A great Meme, thank you. Booking a weekend for yourselves was an inspired thing to do. Something to look forward to. We all need those at the moment, don't we.

  6. These are rough times for us all and we all need to rethink, and recharge.

    God bless.

  7. I'm trying to enjoy those grey areas too. Things have been tough for since January 1st and I'm ready for a rest.
    Recharging and relaxing sounds like a very good idea to me.

  8. Now and again a re-think and maybe moving the tracks a bit can be a very positive thing. In January, who would have thought we'd be in this place now. Everything has shifted dramatically in the last two years and accepting that is essential.

    Mum and Dad used to love their holidays at Warners. Mine, spent while there were a lot of rules in place, was perhaps less memorable, but it was good all the same and I will maybe have another on at some point - not this year though!!

    1. No rules that I could see here, just an adults only hotel with lots of leisure activities if you want to arrange it ... archery, spa, sauna, pool, quizzes etc. Plus entertainment every night along with a three course meal and a luxury signature room with it's own patio, hopefully something for both of us to enjoy.


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