Sunday 13 March 2022

Be tender and fierce ...


There's not much to read here today ... so grab your coffee and visit some of my friends on My Blog List on the sidebar ... enjoy 💖


  1. I like your memes, Sue, there's always something I can relate to. Hope you're having a lovely gentle thoughtful weekend xx

  2. Very meaningful memes - I relate to the top one being an organic vegetarian who loves lentils and prefers to read a book rather than a kindle, uses a landline and doesn't own a mobile phone that is new enough to accept apps (and so isn't on Whatsapp) - I often get funny comments - it doesn't bother me as much as it seems to bother other people!! x
    PS The link to Tales from a Happy House is not there because her URL address has changed -you might want to adjust it.

  3. I've always known that it's okay not be the same as anyone else but it's nice to see the words in print! xxx

  4. I've been reading back through your posts, catching up with you. You are too hard on yourself, maybe? It's okay to try things, just for the challenge of it, and then to move on to something else. I've enjoyed all your food posts, but will also enjoy whatever else you post because I just like hearing about it all, as life where you are is different in many respects from my life here in the West Virginia hills.

  5. Your memes are very easy to relate to. Thank you.

    God bless.


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