Monday 7 March 2022

Shopping - My First Visit to the Shop in March


Six days into the month, and with a virtually empty fridge when Alan asked if I wanted to go to Aldi with him I was definitely going to say a very clear yes wasn't I. 😀

I had a list of seven items that I needed and had checked them out on both the Sainsbugs and Aldi websites to compare prices.  In Sainsbugs my shopping would have cost me £5.55 and in Aldi it came to £4.67.  It was a no-brainer and Aldi it was, and knowing that I had over £5 more to play with made me think what would I like as well as what did I need.

On my list had been:

Iceberg Lettuce
Cherry Tomatoes

I added:

Small Apples
Easy Peelers
one more bag of Flour.

I half expected it to be just over my permitted £10 a week food budget but I was prepared for that with the £19.09 of left over money from the first two months of this year in my bag.

As you can see it came to £9.78, giving me 22p change.

What a good result.

As soon as we got back I did my usual thing of washing, drying and putting into bags and bowls all the new foods.  It was a good job I did as some of the onions were a bit iffy!!

It's so lovely to see all the colourful fresh new foods for this week.  

There will definitely be no scrimping for meals with all this and the freezer foods that I showed you last week.  I need to try to remember to take some photos of my meals this week as I use up the new supplies alongside the old ones.

At the moment I am debating whether to spend my leftover £19+ on some long-life food items to perhaps help me combat rising food prices later in the year due to current world events, but I have been unable to commit to doing it yet. I think that this was on my mind when I bought the two bags of flour instead of just the one that I knew I would be needing soon.

 What would you do?  Save the money or spend it on pasta, rice and tinned foods?  

Sue xx


  1. Very colourful! I'd go and spend the money on tinned, jar and packet foods now - we all know prices are going to continue rising, sadly. In fact we're planning on doing just that this week - stocking up on ambient foods for the caravan, along with a few extras for the home larder. Hope you have a good week, Sue.

  2. Pasta, rice, and canned tomatoes are always good standbys.

  3. i would definitely stock up, prices are bound to keep going up x

  4. I'm stocking up on storecupboard items to beat rising prices but also to be in a position to share if food is scarce

    1. That's exactly what I have been doing, Ali. Not in the least to be able to share....

  5. I would buy some store cupboard items but would keep perhaps a fiver for that "rainy day", 2 years ago we started a special store cupboard because of the pandemic and now we are doing the same for a dreadful, scary reason, very strange world we are living in, I feel so so lucky and feel so much for those poor people affected by this madness. On a lighter note ,yes it is lovely to see colour in the fridge, if I am having my fishless fingers, chips and peas a little half a tomato on the plate makes a difference.x

  6. I would keep a fiver back for a "rainier" day than these and stock up with the rest. I had planned on a relatively low spend month for groceries but with what is happening and how much prices are going up - I decided to take advantage of the few items that are on sale this week - mostly non food - so I am well stocked on paper, cleaning & hygiene items (at least 4 months) so I will concentrate on food purchases for the next few months.
    Like you, I also bought some fresh produce - grape tomatoes, red peppers, mushrooms and a 3 # bag of onions - and yes, I'll be keeping a close ye on those as I have also found that onions have been going off much quicker than normal - I don't think they've been properly dried. Enjoy your meals with all that lovely fresh veg.

  7. Spend it now on store cupboard items. Someone said yesterday the price of tinned stuff would go up because of metal prices going up, quite apart from the contents, and the transport costs - I think up is the only way for the foreseeable future. I did an investment shop of tinned goods today - tomatoes, baked beans, tuna, pilchards, corned beef, chicken soup (the only soup my dear man will eat!), plus rice, spaghetti pasta, baking and break-making flours, cat tins and cat biscuits.

    £19 would buy you a goodly amount of store cupboard items, just in case. I intend growing as much in the veg plot as I can this year too.

  8. A brilliant shop, in my opinion, with some lovely colourful food. I think I would spend at least some of your saved cash on cupboard item, Sue, as we have absolutely no idea what will be in short supply soon. You could always keep just a little back in case of emergency purchases.

  9. I'm having the same dilemma as you. My cupboards are looking bare and I have really reduced my monthly spend. I think I may spend £10 on store cupboard items this month.

  10. I agree with most everyone else that it is wise to stock up on the items that will keep. We know prices are going up plus these days life seems so uncertain at times. I love the colorful, tasty looking groceries you have bought here, now I'm hungry! Take care.

  11. I would spend it on rice, pasta, and flour. Prices are only going to go up.

  12. I would definitely spend the money now and do a little bit of a stock up. That extra cash will go much further right now as prices are continuing to rise.

    God bless.


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